Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Conversations in Toddlerville

Ez is officially at that age where he says silly things out of nowhere that crack us up. It's the best because his personality is shining through so much, and it also means he gives us unprompted I love yous which just melts my heart. But, depending on the conversation and the amount of times he repeats it this can definitely be a mentally draining age as well. I've probably never made as many empty threats in my life as I have in the past three months. Here are just a few of the conversations I've remembered to record lately. Or more likely they've been repeated so many times that they're permanently imprinted on my brain.

edit: I was reminded about that last watermelon convo and had to share because it had the whole table cracking up.

Conversation at Michael's
Me: If we buy this play dough we're not opening it until we get home.
Ez: We will open it when we get home.
Ez at register: I want to open the play dough?
Me: Nope, not until we get home, remember?
Ez: We will open it when we get home.
Ez in car: Want to open the play dough?
Me: Are we at home?
Ez: We will open it when we get home.
Ez 1 minute later: Want to open the orange play dough?
Me: No.
Ez 1 minute later: Want to open the pink play dough?
Me: NO!
<Ez repeats for each of the DOZEN colors>
Me: If you mention the play dough one more time I'm throwing them all out the window!
Ez: Orange?
Me: sigh...

Wandering through Target
Ez: No! I don't want this cakepop.
Ez: <takes bite of cakepop>
Me: I thought you weren't going to eat that cakepop?
Ez: No!
Ez: <takes another bite of cakepop>

Garbage Day
Me: Ez! Run to the window! The garbage truck is coming!
Ez (after the garbage truck leaves): It will be back. The garbage truck will come back.
Me: It'll be back in 7 days.
Ez: It will be back in 5 days.
Me: 7 days.
Ez: 7 minutes.
Me: Close. 7 days.
<repeat in constant loop for next 7 days. enjoy 5 minutes of peace while garbage truck is on our street. repeat whole process again.>

Fun fact: thanks to YouTube Ez calls the garbage truck a rubbish truck half the time...

Painting Eggs
Ez: Want to paint eggs?
Me: It's raining today. We'll paint them tomorrow.
7 am: <open my eyes and see two eyes staring back at me 1 inch from my face>
Ez: Want to paint eggs??

Randomly throughout day
Ez: I luhves you.
Me: I love you more.
Ez: I luhves you more.
Me: Not possible. I love you the most!
Ez: I love you to the moon and back!

Easter Supper
Ez (to Joe): Want a piece of watermelon Daddy?
Joe: No thanks bud, I'm good.
Ez (to Grampa): Want a piece of watermelon Grampa?
Grampa: No thanks, I'm good.
Ez (to me): Want a piece of watermelon Mommy?
Me: Yes, I'll have a piece. Thanks Ez, you're so sweet.
Ez: No thanks, Mommy. You're good. <quickly shoves watermelon in his mouth>

During those rare moments we aren't negotiating the garbage truck's schedule, you can most likely find Ez right here playing with his garbage truck:

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We spent ours with family and friends and soaked up every second of wonder and excitement with Ez and Declan. 

Ez is still riding that sugar high and between egg hunts, pounds and pounds of chocolate, dying eggs, and running around with family he's been on Cloud 9 all weekend. Dex has been dutifully tagging along but egg hunts aren't his jam, and neither is chocolate for that matter. Thankfully the Easter Bunny brought some bubbles so he was a happy camper too. For the most part, anyway... ;)

We packed in as many Easter activities as we could this weekend, starting with a park egg hunt with friends Saturday morning which Declan wanted nothing to do with. Afterward we dyed our eggs which both boys were very enthusiastic about. Eventually I had to put an end to it before all our eggs wound up cracked and various shades of brown. While Declan napped I got to work stuffing eggs and filling baskets, which I absolutely love. I put mini Thomas trains in the eggs and Ez immediately confiscated them all for himself. Thankfully Declan doesn't seem to mind all that much, just so long as nobody touches his bubbles. 

On Sunday morning the boys followed a trail of eggs downstairs to their baskets which they quickly tore into, shoving chocolate into their mouths before anyone could stop them. We ushered them outside for the egg hunt because we were trying to beat the rain. Ez had been looking forward to this moment for approximately 13 months and he knew exactly what to do, running around the yard and yelling excitedly "I found an egg!" Meanwhile Declan went off to collect rocks. To each their own, I guess. As soon as all the eggs were collected Ez wanted to do it over again but it was time to head over to Gangy and Grampa's house where the Easter Bunny was kind enough to drop off even more goodies for the boys. Several dozen eggs, mountains of Easter grass, and an entire bubble wand later we had two very content little boys on our hands. 

Holidays with kids are so magical and I feel very lucky to get to experience childhood all over again through their eyes. 

And just like that Easter is over. I would be sad except that we're officially into our family's birthday season (May, June, & July). We've got a very fun trip planned for Ez's birthday in May, which I'll share more details on shortly. Can't wait! 

Happy Easter everyone!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Home Tour: Playroom

We've been living in our new place for just over two months now and as you can see below Ez and Declan wasted no time making the place their own. Even though we've been settled for a few months the novelty still hasn't worn off for any of us. We LOVE it here, both the house and Sacramento. A few perks of our new house compared to our last place: 1) more space 2) a backyard. How we ever lived without a yard before I'll never know but to say the boys are happy with these new developments is a complete understatement. It's the perfect fit for wildly energetic boys. 

Luckily for the boys almost all the extra space has gone toward their play room. I'm pretty sure this room should be a formal dining/sitting area, but we don't have an extra dining table or couch. What we do have is a Radiator Springs table, a plastic basketball hoop, and lots and lots of toys. Voila, room furnished! ;)

Despite the lack of furnishings this is one of our favorite rooms in the house. We like to gather here in the evenings to play chase, bury each other under a mountain of stuffed animals, shoot hoops, and wrestle (though that's more of a daddy & sons game). Pretty much anything to get rid of that pre-bedtime energy.

Last year I gave a little play room organization tour, and this year I have finally gotten on board with toy rotation. Pretty much every time Ez and Declan ransack the room I go through afterward and pick out whatever toys are left in the baskets and make them "disappear". My theory is that these are the picked over toys that aren't currently holding their interest. Does anyone else feel like you're constantly losing the toy clutter battle? I'd love to hear if you rotate toys and how often you do it. I haven't gotten around to actually rotating toys back in yet, so far I'm still trying to find that sweet spot of enough toys to entertain them but not so much that it's overwhelming for them to clean their own messes. Any genius toy-decluttering hacks would be much appreciated! 

PS - If you want to see what this room looks like 99% of the time go ahead scroll all the way to the bottom.

Real life:

Nightly shenanigans:

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Easter Basket Ideas

The boys and I LOVE Easter. Ez is obsessed with all things eggs which means we dove headfirst into egg hunts and egg decorating pretty much the moment the rainy season let up. Putting together their Easter baskets is one of my favorite things and I've been collecting little bits here and there for the past month to fill up their baskets.

The past few years I've done themed baskets for Ez (cars, cars, and dinos), but this year I decided to just go traditional, or, if there is a theme I guess you could call it Spring. Ez's favorite pastime is playing in the dirt so he's getting his very own set of gardening tools. Declan's favorite thing will most likely be the bunny bubble wands I found in the Target dollar spot. I've had my eye on Jellycat bunnies for a few years now, they're just so cute and soft and cuddly. Unfortunately cute and soft are qualities that my boys couldn't care less about. Their main use for stuffed animals is to pile them all in a giant bucket and dump them out on each other. Still that soft woodland bunny is finding its way to Declan's basket anyway, to appease me if nothing else.

Just for fun, or if you're looking for some extra inspiration, here's a little look back at Easter baskets past:
Little Blue Truck basket details
Disney Cars basket details
lamb basket details
dino basket details

duck and goose basket details
What's going in your kids' baskets this year? Anyone else basically buy out the Target Dollar Spot? There were so many cute Easter and gardening gifts I had a hard time narrowing it down to just what would fit in their baskets.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Daffodil Hill

Springtime is for getting lost in nature, smelling the flowers, finding a shady patch of grass beneath a tree and stopping to relax and listen to the birds chirping. 

Unless you have toddlers. 

Then you're running a mile a minute after them trying to stop them trampling over all the flowers and tumbling down steep little cliffs ;) Either way, Springtime is here and we couldn't be happier to get out and explore all the beauty nature has to offer. Here are a few (dozen) photos from our trip to Daffodil Hill, a private ranch that is kind enough to let hundreds of people traipse around taking in the beauty of thousands of daffodils blooming all at once. I've never seen so many daffodils all in one spot before and these pictures can't do their beauty justice.