Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Obsession Part 2: Foxy Family

Sitting up on his own!

Apparently foxy style is in this season, because after I bought Ezzy his fox beanie at Old Navy, I found some adult ones at H&M, which I sadly didn't buy right away, and then I had to go searching at two different stores when I couldn't stop thinking about them. The photos of Ezzy by himself were taken on our visit to UCI a few weekends ago. He was actually sitting up by himself in most of those pictures. And today I caught him on his hands and knees in the crawling position for about half a second! He'll be a mobile baby pretty soon, which is both sad and exciting.

The ones of us as a family were taken on our most recent pumpkin patch visit at Cal Poly Pomona. I let Joe pick which color shirts we wore, so we wound up in Pepperdine colors. Surprise, surprise...

Happy almost-Halloween! We having the grandparents over for dinner and plan on handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend Recap: Gangy & Grandpa's Visit in Pictures

Round 2 of Pumpkin Patching
Ezzy & Grandpa
Hamming it up at Brunch
Can you tell Ezzy was waaay more interested in the hay than the camera?

Ezzy got hooked up!
Mommy made out pretty good, too.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

October Obsession Part 1: Ezzy's 1st Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Turtle face.

An Ezzy-sized pumpkin

Who the hell is that?!? 

We chose to drive down to Irvine to visit Tanaka Farms for Ezzy's first pumpkin patch experience because it's an actual farm, and I thought it would be cool to see the pumpkins growing on the vines. Also, they sell fresh produce. And they have a free corn maze. Sold.

They did not disappoint. It was worth the drive for the photo opportunities alone (in case you couldn't tell). There are three or four pumpkin fields, all organized according to size. And the produce stand was amazing. They had the sweetest strawberries and grapes. We actually came away with a ton of produce and no pumpkins. Also, we skipped the corn maze. It was packed and hot, so we'll save that for next year when Ezzy is walking.

Ezzy was pretty fascinated by the pumpkins. His eyes would get all big and he'd immediately put his hands out to touch and grab at them. Of course, that's pretty much how he reacts to everything nowadays. He's reaching out for my arm and trying to put it in his mouth as I type this. Now he's going for the keyboard. So that's pretty much the end of this post.

Our October obsession isn't over yet though. I have a few more pics to share in an upcoming post, including Ezzy in his Halloween costume!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekend Recap: Ezzy Tours Pepperdine & UCI

Maybe weekend recap isn't entirely accurate for this post, since some of these pictures go back to Thursday night - so you can call it an "end of the week recap" if you will. For our Thursday family night we ate some delicious pizza and pizzookie over at BJ's before hitting up Ikea. I've been wanting a coat stand to collect all the clutter that I throw over chairs as soon as I walk through the front door, and they're surprisingly hard to find and not cheap either, so after some online research I found the cheapest, best-looking one at Ikea. We also got a $13 lamp and some cute lanterns while we were there, so all in all it was a good night by my standards. I know, I know - we lead a life of excitement over here.

On Friday Ezzy and I made a lunchtime visit to the Rainforest Cafe at downtown Disney to meet up with my cousin and some friends who were in town for the weekend. It was so much fun to spend some time with family and to meet Christina's newborn son. He's a little over one month old and he's so tiny compared to Ezzy! I can't believe how much Ezzy has grown in such a short amount of time.

Christina, Me, Ezzy, and my cousin Vanessa
Saturday morning we headed over to Malibu to visit Pepperdine (Joe's school). I love that campus, the ocean views are gorgeous, and the weather was sunny and perfect. Ezzy got some Pepperdine gear, so now he and Daddy can match (actually all three of us can match, I think I officially have more Pepperdine gear that UCI, for some reason...). We also visited the campus art gallery and apparently Ezzy has quite the eye for abstract art. He was completely absorbed in a trippy colorful painting (in the pic below). I guess we know how to decorate his room for future reference. We capped off our trip with some yummy lunch at our favorite pizza spot. The same place we went to with Daniela on Labor Day. They have the BEST beet salad. 

Gorgeous views at Pepperdine.
That boy loves watching fountains. And we clearly love to watch him.

"Which bear do you want? The cheaper one? Good choice."

The view from the top (after we hiked back up to the car).
"Look into my eye...."

On Sunday Ezzy decided to wake up at the crack of dawn, after waking up twice through the night and wanting to eat for an hour straight each time. Joe, being the best dad in the world, took Ezzy for a walk so I could get some rest. I hear they had a great time watching a soccer practice at the school near our house. Ezzy was laughing and giddy watching them run around the field. It's funny how much that kid loves watching sports. He's mesmerized whenever football is on TV. Like father, like son. 

After I got my beauty rest, I had my mind set on doing some Halloween family stuff, so when I found this list of the best pumpkin patches in Southern California, we decided to head down to Irvine to visit Tanaka Farms and UCI. I think Ezzy's favorite thing by far at both Pepperdine and UCI was the fountains. He's absolutely mesmerized by them. As a reward for being a good sport while we dressed him up and made him pose for hundreds of pictures, we let him dip his feet in the fountain at UCI. We got so many great pictures that day, that I'm going to save most of them for another post, but you can get a little preview in the collages at the very bottom. 

Ezzy all bundled up for his early morning walk.
There's no better place to sleep than in Daddy's arms.
Rose garden at UCI.