Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend Recap: Mom's Night Out & Boys' Night In

We get excited when we find the letter "Z" - not excited enough to actually buy it, but it at least warrants a picture. 
Saturday morning stroll in Monrovia.
Silly Ez, that's not how you eat breakfast...
"Whatcha reading, Mr. Twain?"
Beer + paint = my kind of night!
Jessica hard at work on her masterpiece.

Ezzy with his Great Auntie and Cousin.
Joe consoling a fussy Ezzy.
This past weekend we got our weekly grocery run and some chores done on Friday, which left the weekend completely free for fun and relaxation. Saturday morning started with breakfast in Monrovia and a stroll around a little art festival and book sale at the library. I was hoping to find some more board books for Ezzy, but they didn't have any, so instead I stocked up on some historical fiction for myself.

Saturday evening I met up with my friend, Jessica, and we went to a wine and canvas event in Orange County. I've been seeing a lot of people post about these painting parties on Facebook and it seemed like a lot of fun, so when Jessica brought it up I was definitely down to try it out. Back in my single days, my friends and I used to do our own version of wine and canvas - aka, buy cheap wine and sit around my living room painting. I was looking forward to some actual painting instruction though, and even though I strayed from the directions a little bit, I'm really happy with the outcome. Everyone else painted a yellow sun but I painted a night scene with a silvery moon instead.

Meanwhile, while I was practicing my artistic skills, Joe and Ezzy were having their first boys' night together. They had a great time playing together and watching Avengers. By the time I got home Ezzy was already asleep (which made me a little sad). Joe did a great job, but was a little traumatized about one meltdown Ezzy had when he was hungry and Joe had to set him down to get the bottle ready. By the time Joe came back with the bottle, Ezzy was screaming inconsolably and clutching a water bottle, which almost made Joe cry. Something about seeing Ezzy clutch the water bottle really got to him. I'm sure Ezzy has no recollection of that event, but Joe will probably remember it for years.

Sunday was supposed to be a fun day of fall activities, like apple picking. Unfortunately, apple picking season was already over at the farms around here, so we spent the day browsing at an outdoor mall, and met up with my aunt and cousin for lunch. Ezzy was really charming during the first half of lunch. I'm pretty sure he had a mini-crush on Taylor. He practically crawled across the table so he could get right in her face and flash his famous little dimples at her. But then his tiredness took over and he had a meltdown during the last half of lunch, so that last picture is of Joe walking him around outside, trying to calm him down, while the rest of us ate lunch. Best dad ever. I am one lucky lady.

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