Sunday, February 28, 2016

Our Weekend: All About the Kids


I know pretty much every weekend is all about the kids, but this weekend we went all out and visited the children's museum and the zoo, which just so happens to have a giant play area. I guess we were trying to make up for last weekend when Joe was out of town and I was lying low with my chipmunk face, recovering from getting my wisdom teeth removed. There were also donuts, milkshakes, and Monster Jam on repeat. So basically, it was toddler heaven. (Declan missed out on all the sugary goodness.) 

The children's museum was a huge hit. I thought Ez would be really into the emergency vehicles that you could climb around in, but apparently it was just too much to handle to be able to touch all these trucks that he's admired from afar for all this time. He loved this contraption where you put a ball through a chute and a gust of air blows it through a crazy maze-type thing. Usually he's shy when other kids are around, but with that thing he was actually pushing his way through and making sure he got his turn. Declan was a fan of the crawl room, which was pretty empty and gave him a chance to burn off all kinds of energy. Afterward he sat dazed and sleepy in the stroller, nodding off then shaking himself awake every few minutes. 

On Sunday we went to the small zoo near our house and gave Ez the choice between animals or playground first. I was pleasantly surprised that he picked animals, and he especially loved all the cat like creatures. He even made friends with the meerkats who came right up to the window to say hello.

Afterward we went to the playground, which was packed, but Ez didn't let that deter him. He jumped right into the madness and climbed rocks, crossed a rope bridge, and slid down the tallest tunnel slide it ever seen. After all that you'd think we'd get a nice long nap out of him, but nope. He was a trooper and stayed up till bedtime.

Definitely a weekend well spent and I hope yours was too!


  1. aww great pictures! So much toddler fun. We went to Target and did some grocery shopping followed by Chris roasting a turkey and then Aria barfing up strawberries. I think yours was probably more fun. I keep meaning to get us to the zoo...we have passes after all.

  2. Awww, so sweet! Looks like a great, fun filled weekend!

  3. Awesome pictures!!! We love the children's museum but (don't judge me for this) there are way too many kids there, haha!

  4. Not the dreaded wisdom teeth! I have my consultation next week; after 30 years of being fine in my mouth now its a big deal to remove them?! Annoying. How was it? I need ALL the details Im kinda scared lol. Youre weekend sounds amazing!!! Which Kid Museum/Zoo did you go to?

  5. What a fun weekend! Love all the black and white photos! And my kids are obsessed with the thing that blows the balls too!