Monday, February 8, 2016

Our Weekend: The Zoo & Super Bowl

On Saturday we spent the afternoon at the zoo. We were pretty lucky because the weather was perfect and spring-like and all the animals were out. The elephant even came all the way across his pen to visit with us, and when we started walking away to check out the zebras he followed us like he didn't want us to go. He was a very friendly elephant but unfortunately Declan was not impressed. Other highlights were the train to see the emus and wallaroos and Ez's ride on the cars where he discovered his inner road rage. 

For Super Bowl Sunday we went out for lunch at my favorite vegetarian place and then we went to the mall where Joe bought me an early Valentine's Day present: a new phone! Afterward we hung out at home eating yummy food and watching the game. Fun fact: the jets that flew over the stadium before the start of the game also flew right over our house. They were so loud it actually sounded like they flew through our house. Unfortunately Ez was sleeping so he missed it. He's obsessed with planes so he would've loved seeing some jets.

On Friday we met my sister downtown for lunch and they had all kinds of super bowl festivities set up in the park. There were board games and a giant jenga set, live music, a beer garden and food trucks, plus a mini football field for kids to run around on. I love all the fun community get togethers San Jose has. It's like the best of city + small town living all combined in one place.

And, perhaps the most noteworthy part of our weekend is what a handful Declan has become. He's lighting fast with his crawling and he instinctively knows exactly where he shouldn't be and then beelines straight there. Over and over and over again. Also, he's pulling himself up to standing and we've already caught him standing all on his own, completely unassisted for a few seconds at a time. This boy has trouble written all over him and I get the distinct feeling that the lazy half-assed child proofing we did with Ez isn't gonna work this time around. At least he's cute while he's causing all this mischief ;)

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. Fun! Totally recognize that zoo :) any time I want a good vegetarian restaurant we have to go over to the Bay Area, which is just a good excuse to go visit the cities!

  2. Im a slacker mom- we havent been to the Zoo yet with the girls :/ Such a shame. Did you go to SF or Oakland? Yay for super bowl FOOD!

  3. The zoo is so much fun and that elephant sounds awesome! Oooohhh, new phone! What did you get?