Tuesday, February 17, 2015

21 Week Bump Update with Baby #2

I'm feeling pretty good at 21 weeks. Ez and I have been walking a few miles a day, there's heart-shaped chocolates everywhere, and our house is 90% unpacked and organized. The only downside lately is that my allergies have been acting up like crazy. Sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose...I know it's not a pregnancy symptom, but it's definitely spring around here, and as much as I love flowers, I'm ready for them to all go away now. 

We got to see our new babe in 3D last week. The pic is kinda creepy because it looks like there's an alien head in the top right corner, plus my friend pointed out that it looks like he's wearing a wig, but a head-on shot is pretty rare with these Craig babies, so we were excited this baby actually gave us a decent glimpse of his face. According to the ultrasound measurements, baby could be born anywhere between June 28th (my original due date) and July 6th. Three July birthdays in one house would make for one busy month.

As far as getting ready for this baby, we haven't really done much (read: anything). Things that still need to be done:
- wash & sort all of Ez's old clothes
- research and buy a new carseat
- eventually research and buy a double stroller (I'm thinking we'll wear this baby for the first few months, like we did with Ez, so I'm not too concerned about the stroller just yet.) 

Then there's the little issue of picking a name. We don't have any strong contenders yet, and I've read through half the baby name book. I'm pretty sure this is how Juniors come about ;)

In big brother news, Ez has been pointing at my belly and saying baby. He has also been bringing his baby doll out to snuggle more. Not sure how much I should read into that, but I'll take it as a good sign.

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  1. hahahaha It totally does look like he is wearing a wig! Cute bump :)

  2. So sweet that Ez is bringing his baby out more. I think it is a total connection. :)
    How fun that you got a 3D ultrasound and your dates have changed a bit!

  3. Aw how fun! I hope that your allergies go away and that you have a smooth rest of the pregnancy!

  4. ANother plus for having a second of the same--- you save so much on clothes!!

  5. You are looking great! And that would make for a busy month! We have 3 birthdays within 15 days at our house; my husband on April 30th, and my two kiddos' on May 14th and May 15th. :)

    1. 3 birthdays in 15 days, that must be crazy! Do both kids get their own parties?

  6. You look great! I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and I still have things to do to get ready too... it will happen!

  7. You are doing great mama! House mostly unpacked, killing it with the Valentine's gifts and baby is happy and healthy! Take advantage of putting your feet up from time to time. :)

  8. That little nose in his 3d is the best!! & your other is so cute! I loved when my boys realized the baby lived in my belly! So exciting! & 21 weeks looks great on you!!

  9. What an adorable baby bump! Pregnancy looks good on you. I always looked awkward.