Friday, February 13, 2015

Ez at 21 Months

Almost-two is so much fun and so exhausting, all in a single hour. The wheels are constantly turning. At 21 months Ez, you're a little sponge, soaking up everything and mirroring it back to us. But at the same time you're also a willful little person all your own. Any request on our part is often followed by a sly smile and a mini rebellion.

Ez you are quick to laugh, you love putting on a show of silliness to get our attention, you thrive off of applause (which you like to lead), you hate being told no, you are quickly turning into a tickle fight champion, and recently you have been showing the first signs of temper tantrums. Aka lying on the floor crying in public places. And at home you throw your toys and yell when they don't do exactly what you want. See what I mean about fun and exhausting?

It's been one of those weeks. One that involved a certain boy sliding across our new hardwood floors on his toys, flying feet first into the air, and slamming his head down on the ground. Hard. And more than once. One of those weeks involving a grape and the Heimlich maneuver. My heart still stops when I think of that. Thank God Joe was there and reacted quickly. Lots of nap-less days. Also, one of those weeks that involved poop. In the bathtub. So to sum it up: lots of tears, a ban on grapes, militant mommy demanding every toy get picked up off the floor right.this.minute, and bleach. Lots of bleach.

There's also been a lot of new milestones. Ez is not only learning tons of new words, but he's also pointing stuff out all on his own, without being prompted. He'll ask for water ("bawa"). He excitedly points out every bus we pass ("baa-a!"). And the other day we heard a dog barking and he said doggie. He still loves practicing animal sounds. Elephant impressions are the current fave.

Ez is in a super snuggly phase right now. He was completely content to sit on my lap cuddling through an entire episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which is practically an eternity in Toddlerville. He's also gotten really great at entertaining himself with his cars or trains for decently long periods of time. But on the flip side, when he wants us to read his Cars books, he means NOW. We've had plenty of battles over not reading books during meal times. 

Every day there are moments I want to bottle up and save forever. And everyday I ask, when is this phase going to be over?? Any other mamas been there/going through this now? Any tips for dealing with a toddler drama king? 

I managed to catch lots of random little moments of silliness over the past month, so here's a short two minute clip of some of Ez's finer moments for ya!


  1. He has grown up so much!! The grape incident sounds scary..... :(

  2. I so miss those little sweet snuggles. My two year old barely sits still anymore! Unless she has the iPad! He is such a little man with all his sweet, wise expressions

  3. Yup, Chris didn't understand why I always cut grapes in half. You never know! Save vs sorry etc. Scary.
    A snuggly phasse is awesome though!

  4. Oh my goodness, Ez!! Stop growing so fast! His curls are the cuuuuuutest :) This is such a bitter/sweet phase as they are so fun and SO curious, but so scary with the owies and the choking?! Yikes!!