Wednesday, February 25, 2015

San Diego Overnight Trip

We decided spontaneously to head to San Diego for an overnight trip last Saturday. We didn't have too much on the agenda other than to spend Sunday at the zoo. And, of course, no trip to SD is complete without a trip to Extraordinary Desserts. In fact we didn't even bother checking into out hotel first. We got a raspberry Danish and a creme brûlée bun. As always, they did not disappoint:

After dessert we ran off some energy at a park across the street - home of the bump tree ;) Ez had a great time collecting sticks, swinging, and trying to keep up with the bigger kids on the slide.

Afterward we checked in then walked around some shops by the water and got some dinner. No hotel stay is complete without testing out the bounciness of the bed.

On Sunday we walked to Little Italy for breakfast at this cute little cafe with really fresh food. Ez thought it was hilarious to pretend eating an orange rind and tried to feed it to Daddy.
And because I'm pregnant and it was vacation, we decided dessert after breakfast was in order: 

Our hotel promised a bayside view, and while we could see the water, Ez was most excited to be able to see the airplanes land. His little face was plastered to the window for a good part of the morning, yelling out airplane (ah-pa!). 

After breakfast, and dessert, and airplanes, it was time for the zoo. We got so lucky while we were there. Most of the animals were napping with their backs to us when we got to their exhibit, and then a few times Ez would make an animal sound and the animals would get up, turn around, and walk over closer to get a drink of water. The lion didn't turn around, but he did start bellowing (or whatever sound territorial male lions make) for a few minutes. I tried to get it on video, but all I got were people talking instead. 
Another way we were really lucky is that I left my purse at the table after lunch, and after walking (uphill) to the polar bear exhibit, I realized it was gone and we frantically rushed back, asked around, and found it turned in at a gift shop with everything still inside. I'm so so thankful to whoever found it. 
And then yet another way we got really lucky was with the weather. It was cool and overcast all day, with promises of rain. At one point Joe, Ez, and I stepped inside a family restroom to change Ez's diaper, and all of a sudden we heard a torrential downpour. We walked out and everything was soaked, there were puddles everywhere, and everyone had their hoodies on, but the rain had stopped. And that was it for the rain that day. So crazy how much water came down in such a short amount of time, and that we managed to completely miss it. 
Compared with all our previous zoo trips, Ez was definitely a lot more excited to see the animals and practice his animal sounds this time around. Elephant sounds and the elephants were by far his favorite, though he stared at the orangutans and the polar bear for quite awhile too.  My favorites were the red panda, who was being super adorable and napping with his paw draped over his head, as well as the otters, who paused to stare up at us for a little bit, and the mountain lion, which has never been out and about when I visited the zoo before. After a full day of walking at the zoo (about 5 miles according to Joe's pedometer) we headed home, got some takeout, and snuggled on the couch watching Walking Dead while it rained outside. Perfect end to a perfect weekend. Well, except for Ez's tiny little clothing issue, which I mentioned in my last post ;)


  1. Looks like such a fun trip! SD and California is defeintely on my bucket list!

  2. ahhh makes me want to go to the zoo now. Maybe even one with more fun animals than our tiny zoo haha. I'd love to hit up the San Diego Zoo some day. How is Ez staying in hotel rooms? Aria has been so hit and miss.

    1. oh and dessert before breakfast would totally be fine in my book any day! You were playing it safe after breakfast =)

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