Thursday, February 26, 2015

Why Moms Don't Get Anything Done

I'm sure you've all seen this video floating around the internet. If not, go watch it now, because I'm sure every parent (especially the stay at home ones) can relate. It's hilarious, and also slightly depressing because it's true. That video is pretty much reason I try to cram in any chores while Ez is sleeping, which means not a whole lot gets cleaned around here. A few chores Ez likes "helping" with are laundry and sweeping. He actually is somewhat helpful with the laundry: I hand him clothes out of the washer and he throws them into the dryer. But this is what happens when we try to sweep together:

In case you're wondering, that stuff you see flying through the air are the little bits of dirt and dust I'd already swept into a pile. And then, a few minutes later, while I was getting dinner ready, this happened:
Apparently Ez's armchair was a bit bland, so he spiced it up with the entire contents of a salt shaker he swiped off the kitchen table. First of all, when did he get tall enough to reach stuff off the table? And secondly, why is he the one crying about this mess? I took "his" salt shaker away and told him the salt doesn't go on the furniture. A complete meltdown ensued, which only got worse when I brought out the vacuum to clean the mess up.

By the way, you might have already seen that photo last night on Instagram, with the hashtag: #reasonsmysoniscrying. Going through all the other photos on instagram with the same hashtag was pretty hilarious and comforting. A few of my favorite reasons why these kids are crying:
- I pressed play on a movie he picked out.
- the "toothpaste tantrum" : He sure did think the toothpaste tasted good.
- He hated his Everglades outing because we wouldn't let him get down and play with the gators.
- I offered him a piece of cheese.

What are some of the funniest meltdowns your kids have had recently? Sometimes it's nice to know all moms have been there. 


  1. I've seen kids have meltdowns for some of the funniest things, but I guess we just don't get it as adults because we've lost our imaginations ;)

    1. That's true. He was probably doing an important experiment that I cut off halfway through ;) I'm still finding salt in random places, that silly boy!