Saturday, February 7, 2015

It's a...

We are so excited about this news! Even Ez scrunched up his face and started giggling when we told him he was going to have a baby brother. Then he pointed at the ultrasound and demanded to examine it more closely. He just had to make sure, I guess.

Speaking of the ultrasound, I tell you, these Craig boys are not at all shy about showing off their "wee-wee" (as the doctor called it). Their face is never visible in the ultrasounds but they're always willing to give a close-up of their manhood. Or boyhood, in this case. 

If you follow my social media at all, you probably already saw this news. We did a little poll on Friday afternoon to see what everyone's guesses were, and once I posted a belly pic everyone was guessing girl. I'm not an old wives tale expert, but I'm pretty sure that's a nice way of saying my belly is huge ;). Apparently boys are supposed to be low and all in the front but girls are supposed to be high and all around the middle. With Ez I carried really high. He and my rib cage carried on a long war, and Ez definitely won. We'll see once this baby is bigger if he and my rib cage get along any better. Fingers crossed they do! Here's a little rundown on how the rest of the wive's tales panned out:
  • Dry skin = boy, soft skin = girl. My skin has definitely been dry, same as with Ez, so this one is true for me.
  • Heartbeat above 140 = girl, below 140 = boy. I think the last time we checked it was around 150, so this one was not true for us.
  • Fuller hair = boy, thinner/dull hair = girl. My hair definitely gets slightly nicer during pregnancy. Unfortunately the hair on my legs also gets much "fuller" too. We'll say this one is correct.
  • Extra weight in the front = boy, extra weight in the bum/hips = girl. Well, I always carry my extra weight in my hips, and it's no different during pregnancy, so this one is not true.
  • Dad-to-be gains sympathy weight = girl, no weight gain = boy. With Ez Joe gained some sympathy weight, but this time around so far he's actually lost weight, so I guess this is half true, half false.
  • Craving sweets = girl, craving salty = boy. I always crave sweets, so that's no fair, but I always crave Mexican food when I'm pregnant too, so we'll call this one a wash.
  • Morning sickness = girl, no morning sickness = boy. No real morning sickness either time, just a week of nausea then I felt fine, so we'll say this one's true for me.
  • Acne = girl, no acne = boy. My skin was doing fine until this week, but I'd blame it more on moving stress/exhaustion than pregnancy. And also the fact that the weather warmed up 20 degrees seemingly overnight. 
  • Extra-hairy legs = boy, no change in leg hair = girl. This one's true for me! Yay... ;)

So there you have it, maybe there is some truth to pregnancy wives tales after all... I thought from the get-go that we were having another boy, based on the fact that this pregnancy has been so similar to the last one: very short period of morning sickness, no vomiting, dry, itchy skin, and very few other symptoms. Joe guessed boy because his dad had all boys too. All the grandparents guessed girl though. I'm thinking maybe they were hoping to get to buy cute girl outfits. Sorry guys! On the bright side, this baby doesn't need anymore clothes, since we saved all of Ez's old ones. And Ez had so many clothes that some of them haven't even been worn! Their birthdays will only be a month and a half apart, and summer accounts for about 8 months of the year here, so I'm hoping most of the sizes/seasons will match up correctly.


  1. How exciting!!!!!! That is going to be such a sweet sweet bond to watch form!

  2. Aw congratulations! Another boy is so exciting. The little guy I nanny for is getting ready to become a big brother, but he'll be having a sister. I'm so excited to see how he does with her.

  3. Boy oh Boy! I was really feeling girl though. I feel like everybody is having boys. Aria's godfather just had his baby boy yesterday, squee. Chris better watch out I've got a terrible case of baby fever now. Not gonna happen! Must resist! They are just so dang squishy =)

  4. Congratulations! Our oldest is a boy and, even though our second is a girl, the joy you feel when seeing your only child become a big sibling is universal. All the best to y'all during such a special time.

  5. Congrats!!!! Boys are so much fun :)

  6. Oh my gosh! Congratulations!!!! I never knew all those old wives tales were actually true. haha. Thanks for sharing this moment with us <3

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  7. How did I miss this one?! COngrats, girlie!!! Two of the same is awesome!! And I had different symptoms for both my girls so who knows?!