Thursday, June 4, 2015

Big Brother Gift

When I saw this adorable Big Brother Kit that Lisa, over at From the North to the South put together, I knew I wanted to do something similar for Ez. So for the past few weeks I've been collecting little gifts here and there for his baby bro to give him when they meet for the first time. Here's a little peek at what he's getting:

1. Busy Trucks on the Go - yet another book about trucks to add to the rotation.
2. Since Ez's favorite animal is an elephant ("elba") I got them each a mini stuffed elephant.
3. Somehow Ez is still missing a Lightning McQueen diecast from his ever-growing collection, so baby bro took care of that.
4. We are huge fans of My Busy Books (even though the little toys wind up everywhere) so Ez is getting the Tonka Road Rally one which is full of construction and emergency vehicles, some of his current faves. If you're not familiar with My Busy Books, they are board books that come with a dozen small toys and a playmat. Ez already has the Cars 1 & 2 + Airplanes versions, and they have been consistent favorites for the past six months or so.
5. I picked up this sculpty sand in the dollar section at Target. We haven't ever used it before, but Ez likes playdough so I figure this will be a hit as well.

Some might call this good old fashioned bribery to get Ez to like his baby bro right off the bat, but as a parent I'm not opposed to a little bribery every now and then ;) I feel like seeing Mommy in a hospital plus meeting a new family member can be overwhelming, so I want to do everything possible to make it a celebratory experience for Ez. I'm hoping there's a good balance of quiet activities he can do at the hospital while not making the gifts the main focus of the visit, if that makes sense. I don't want him to overlook the fact that he has a new bro. Also, I tried to stay away from anything too messy or anything too hard or heavy that could be thrown (because I know my kid). 

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  1. Such a cute idea! Perfect for a big brother!

  2. Busy books!! Lily loves those things too. So exciting to think about babe #2 being here soon! So excited for your fam!

  3. Nothing wrong with a little bribery! A new sibling is a hard adjustment for kids - anything to make it go more smoothly is good!

  4. I think this is a very sweet idea. The theme of the gifts should be so the older brother can be a better 'big' brother. Books about siblings, toys he can show the sibling. It sounds great, but then I love to buy presents for kids.

  5. Wonderful idea! Such a loving thing to do!