Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Our Weekend - Water Parks & Disneyland

This weekend can basically be summed up as a mish mash of Ez's favorite things. We broke in his new water table which is a huge hit. Water wound up everywhere, which is the sign of any good summer afternoon. Ez is also a huge fan of the swirly ball tunnel in the middle. 45 minutes of entertainment followed by a nap - I'll take it!

May was an uncharacteristically cool month, for which my pregnant self is extremely grateful, but Saturday felt very summery making it the perfect day for our first splash pad visit of the season. Ez literally ran laps around the place while screaming and giggling for an hour. It cracks me up that whenever the water surprised him he'd make the same shocked expression and run away screaming as he did last year. It's nice to know that even though he's taller and his head is finally starting to match the proportions of his body (not to mention he grew a neck sometime in the last few months!) my baby boy is still in there somewhere. 

Aug 2014 vs. Now
Saturday evening we had dinner with Joe's mom and Ez showed off his newest skill: saying "No!" repeatedly. He had a great time letting Dad and Grandma build block towers for him to knock down. 

Sunday we decided on an impromptu mini-trip to Disneyland. We basically beelined straight to Cars Land so Ez could meet his favorite characters. He was awestruck and pretty shy once he was face to face with his Cars idols. We found out they sell the first Cars movie there (which Ez has never seen) so in the picture with Mater Ez is clutching the DVD and pointing excitedly between the Mater on the cover and the Mater standing next to him. He was also pretty excited when the Disney workers noticed Lightning McQueen on his shoes. 

All in all it was an eventful hour and a half and Ez promptly passed out as soon as we put him in his stroller so Joe and I ate at ESPN Zone while he napped. Then we ran some errands and went home to watch...what else?? Cars! Ez was mesmerized for the entire movie which shocked me. I didn't think he'd have the attention span for a full movie. It wound up being our first family movie night and I'm looking forward to many more cozy nights with all (4!) of us crammed cuddled on the couch watching the Disney movie of the moment. Also, "kachow!" quickly became Ez's favorite catchphrase from the movie. He's such a little sponge right now - it's cute and frightening!


  1. The pics of him in the watet are so cute! He must be a water baby like my daughter!

  2. We have that same water table! We love it!

  3. cute and frightening lol.
    Who needs a neck anyways =)
    So do the car characters move? Or are they stationary and the eyes mouth move?