Thursday, June 25, 2015

Foamy Water Table Toddler Activity

Remember when I posted this list of 13 Outdoor Toddler Activities? Well we finally got around to doing one of them (technically a combo of #6 & #9) and it was so much fun! 

I've mentioned at least a million times that soapy water is a weird pregnancy obsession of mine, so of course I had to give the soapy sea foam a go. It's super simple to make, and uses ingredients that are most likely already in the kitchen:

According to these instructions from Two Daloo, you just combine equal parts water and Dawn dish soap with a dash of corn starch then mix it up at high speed till it's nice and fluffy. If you have some food coloring you could throw that in as well. Voila! Easy as can be! I made about three mixing bowls worth, then dumped it all into the water table, which I had already filled with water.

Since I didn't have food coloring for the foam, I threw one of these Crayola color bath dropz into the water table, which turned the water a nice refreshing Clorox blue:

I added some cups, some balls, some construction vehicles, and sponges so that Ez had plenty of activities to keep him busy:

Not gonna lie, all that soapy goodness was too inviting to pass up. As soon as I snapped a few pics I had to get my hands in there and play too.

Even though Ez is perfectly content to just play with the water table, the soapy foam added a fun new twist and he loved swirling the bubbles around, scrubbing his construction vehicles with the sponges, and splashing soap suds all over himself and everything within a ten foot radius. Honestly though, I think this sea foam would work best as a standalone sensory activity, minus the water. It lasts longer than just dumping Dawn straight into the water table, but that's kind of a moot point since once Ez gets his hands in there the soapy water is going pretty much everywhere except in the table. Next time I'll try just dumping a ton of foam in there, minus the water, and see how that works out. But whatever keeps us him happy and occupied for upwards of an hour is a win in my book.

This activity gets an A+ for simplicity, fun, and cheapness. We'll definitely break this out a few more times this summer.

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  1. What a good idea! I have been looking for things we can do in the summer for cheap and you can't beat free!

  2. What a good idea! I have been looking for things we can do in the summer for cheap and you can't beat free!

  3. Oh, this is cool! What a great twist on the classic water table. Totally doing this for Mim!