Friday, June 5, 2015

Favorite Moments Lately

As I was looking through pictures on my phone I realized there are quite a few favorites that never made it onto the ol' blog. So rather than lose them in a pile of techno clutter, I'm opting for a mini photo dump instead:

1. A few weeks back it rained all day, and while I was perfectly content to snuggle up indoors a certain super-fussy boy needed a change of scenery ASAP! So we went on our first (intentional) puddle stomping adventure. Nothing like splashing in water to instantly turn a toddler's mood around. That should really be in the parenting books. Fussy baby? Get them to a body of water and let them go to town. All other problems vanish. Or maybe it already is in the books, because come to think of it I've never read a parenting book all the way through...

2. Park day with the parents to run off some energy before we began our 5 hour roadtrip. Ez fell asleep before we even got on the freeway and stayed asleep close to 3 hours. Mission accomplished. And now of course the grandparents will never believe that he's anything but an angel on these trips. 

3. Nothing says Summer like a game of tag with friends. Ez giggled nonstop and then slept in the next morning. You are welcome to chase my kid around any day, Wyatt! 

Yay, we made it to Friday! Got anything fun planned? I've got some girl time, a playdate, and plenty of family time lined up, all of which I'm excited about :)


  1. hahaha about being awesome in the car trip. It's because your parents were there. They never do the craziest of things when there are grandparents around.

  2. What precious moments!!!! Love all the summer fun!!!