About Us

Joe and I began this journey together in 2011. (Joe + Nina's Journey = The Joni Journey). We met when Joe interviewed me for a job (I got it!), and almost exactly 1 year later, on one of the happiest days of our lives, we found out we were expecting Ezzy. That's when I began this blog, because we needed an outlet for our obsessive photo taking, and also a place to store all our memories, like a never-ending scrap book. We still love going back through the blog and remembering our past adventures. 

If you read along, you'll notice our love of hiking, being outdoors, and exploring all that Southern California has to offer. You'll also see a lot of photos of the main man in our life: Ezra (Ezzy, Ez). Every day we marvel at what a character he is, how fast he's growing, and how lucky we are to be his parents. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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