Monday, June 1, 2015

Currently in Toddlerville

Happy 1st day of June! It's been awhile since I've done a Currently post, so here's what's going on right now in Toddlerville.

Currently watching... Myself. All day everyday. Thankfully mom and dad record my every move. I crack myself up. Does that make me an egomaniac? I didn't think so either.

Currently eating... Cheerios. Off the floor. Mom tried to give me cereal without milk. Joke's on her.

Currently reading... anything featuring trucks. Little Blue Truck, Trucktown Race from A to Z, Red Truck... betcha had no idea there were so many books about trucks, did ya? Also, the best way to really get to the heart of the book is to read it twenty times. In a row. Complete with sound effects. Trust me.

Currently singing... "Dadgum." If you haven't watched Mater's Tall Tales continuously on a six hour car trip, you're really missing out on the finer joys of life. (And yes, dadgum is the only lyric. Don't cheat yourself - be sure to check out the acoustic version AND the heavy metal version.) Also, Wheels on the Bus is a close second. I've got mom up to 30 made-up verses, and while she scrambles around trying to think up new lyrics I like to chant "more! more! MORE!" She does her finest work under pressure.

Currently playing... A fun game I like to call: "carpet the floor with all 3,062 cars and trains I own." This game also doubles as a strategic battle game, since the cars make effective landmines and booby traps.

Currently working status as cutest kid in the whole world. My signature move: grabbing mom by the hand and leading her to the couch for snuggles. She's wrapped around my little finger.

Currently protesting...EVERYTHING! "Wanna go play outside?" "Wanna go to Gymboree?" "Want a snack?" Geesh! Stop asking! I've learned the word "no" and I'm not afraid to use it. Here's my answer to everything:

Currently wishing for... More cars. My collection of 3,062 is a little on the light side, don't you think?

Currently looking forward to... My last month as an only child and also to becoming a big bro, aka - The Boss.

PS - in case you're interested, here are all the other Toddlerville updates.


  1. Your little man is SO cute! Hampton's favorite word is also "no." haha At least they're cute?

  2. LOL, so cute! My daughter also has recently fallen in love with The Wheels on the Bus, good times. ;)

  3. What a cutie you have there!! I used to sing wheels on the bus on long road trips until we hit the next town for a stop...sometimes 45 minutes!

  4. Heheheh loling so much!!
    Him watching himself- Elliott loves doing that too!!
    The Cheerios! Hahahah thank goodness we have a dog! She's like a pre vacuum vacuum ;)
    And little blue truck don't even get me started beep beep!

  5. lol too funny/
    Loving those giggles. It was such a bummer when Aria learned the word no. She knew yes first and it was amazing. Everything was a yes. Sigh. At least she strikes a nice middle ground with the yes and no now. But before literally everything was a no even things she wanted and then would get pissed you didn't give them to her. Yeah well you said no, it's not just a fun sounding word kid!

  6. One of the greatest times of parenthood, enjoy!!

  7. I love this post! I’ve never thought about doing a “Currently” post for Mason. I may have to borrow this idea. EZ is precious! Love his face in the cheerio picture!!