Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Celebrating Joe

Here I got totally spoiled with an indulgent spa momcation for Mother's Day, and I totally dropped the ball come Father's Day. Can we just call this babe growing in my belly a belated Father's Day present? Although, depending on how comfy he is in there, he may be more of an early birthday present...

Since we we're T minus (approximately) 7 days till baby boy gets here, we couldn't do a fun getaway like last year's Sequoia trip, so instead we went low key and had lunch and dessert with Joe's mom and her husband, and ended the day lounging around, watching Next Food Network Star. Of course, if Joe was celebrated the way he deserves to be, there'd be fireworks, and lux vacations, and super thoughtful gifts and all that. Unfortunately, I have the energy of a snail and I never want to stray too far from the hospital (or the bathroom), so that limits things a bit. Our neighbors have been setting off fireworks nightly though, so we'll just claim a few of those for Joe ;)

And here's a short compilation of my two favorite boys acting like total goofballs:

I love that last picture of Joe and Ez. Not only are they making the same face, but Ez is so into climbing up and snuggling his way onto our laps in the weirdest positions these days. Nothing beats using mommy's belly or daddy's legs as a pillow ;)
Love these two!


  1. I'm sure he enjoyed it just the same! Chris said he wanted to do nothing for Father's Day. So nothing we did. Sounds boring to me, I'd prefer to at least entertain the kid out and about - way easier I think.

  2. I love the video EZ has an arm on him throwing that ball! Happ late Fathers Day to Joe!

  3. Lolololol that statement about having baby #2 be a belated gift. Love it! I always drop the ball on Father's Day & his birthday. It's just so hard to be creative when you have children siphoning your brain cells ;)