Tuesday, May 19, 2015


When Joe asked what I wanted for Mother's Day I didn't really hesitate at all when I told him I wanted a night all to myself. Aka, a night away from him and Ez. Super tactful, I know. 

Don't get me wrong, there is no place I'd rather be than with Joe and Ez. They are my two absolute favorite people to spend time with, but pre-Joe and Ez I was really into alone time. Like if it didn't happen on a frequent basis my world just didn't feel right. So the fact that I made it two whole years without any significant chunk of alone time says a lot about just how much I love spending time with Joe and Ez. At the time Joe asked what I wanted, we were in the midst of weeks-long colds (all 3 of us), plus Ez was teething, then throw in normal 2-year old behavior and my being heavily pregnant on top of all that. It was definitely time for a vacation. 

Thankfully Joe was not offended, and was actually super excited for some one on one guy time with Ez. Win/win. 

So how did I spend my 24 hour momcation? 

To start with, some shopping and bookstore browsing. Then Joe spoiled me real good and I got a prenatal massage (best fiancĂ© ever!). I've never had a prenatal massage before, and to sum it up it was basically the most relaxing hour of my life, and the best I've felt physically at any point during either pregnancy. If you're pregnant and this is in anyway an option, do it! Afterward, to keep the relaxation going I spent some time in the jacuzzi (only my lower half, so baby wasn't cooking in there). The rest of my evening can be summed up as a whole lot of girly R&R. I did my nails, read a whole book (I highly recommend Girl on the Train - such a page turner!), gave myself a facial, and took a nice long bubble bath. I enjoyed the rare commodities of silence and personal space and sleeping in. It was every bit as blissful as it sounds.

And then I rushed home in the morning so I could cuddle my lil guy. What can I say? A day away was rejuvenating and exactly what I needed, but being reunited was a pretty amazing feeling too. For me, anyway. Ez didn't seem to care at all about my being gone and was completely unimpressed when I returned. He and Daddy had way too much fun meeting friends for lunch, watching a Dodgers game, enjoying a Cars movie night, and, of course, running around the park. Mommy who?

I have to take a minute to brag on my man. I'm so lucky to have a partner that takes such incredibly good care of both Ez and I (and our soon-to-be new bundle of joy) - thanks for all you do, babe!


  1. Now, that is an amazing Mother's Day!!! He is pretty awesome for fulfilling your Mother's Day wish!!!

  2. Best mother's day gift ever really. I'm so jealous haha. It would be such a treat to not worry about anybody but yourself for a whole day. Bonus points for the massage. You've got yourself a good man there!

  3. I totally get it. I love my family but some nice alone time is needed now and then. We moved into our home in Last July and just recently I mentioned to my husband that I had only been alone in the house 1 time... he had not really thought about it and has take the baby on a few outings since then.

  4. Amazing idea! So relaxing! I just read that book as well. Did you hear they are making a movie of it?

  5. Sounds like everyone had a great time. Your getaway sounds like it was lovely and totally relaxing, something that every mama needs once in a while. :)

  6. Sometimes us mamas just need to a little bit of pampering so don't feel guilty! Looks like you had a great and relaxing time :)