Friday, May 15, 2015

Ez's Birthday Party

I already talked about all the train details of Ez's party here, but obviously I still have tons of family photos to share, so consider this post one huge birthday album for Ez to look back on one day. About 30 people, all family, showed up to celebrate Ez's big day, and it was so sweet to see that many people love on Ez. He didn't quite know what to make of all the attention and was a little shy, especially after the day got off to a rocky start with a tantrum to go along with every step of getting ready. For some reason Ez just wasn't feeling my idea that he should wear clothes and have a semi-clean face and teeth at his own party. Once we finally made it to the restaurant, we let him entertain himself with Mater's Tall Tales while we set up, which cheered him up, but that also meant that everyone who showed up while Cars was on was basically just background noise. Eventually we turned Cars off, got him some cookies, and he warmed up to everyone. 

When it came time for everyone to sing Happy Birthday he completely froze with a deer in the headlights look on his face. I have to admit, looking down a long table with 30 pairs of eyes staring back at you is pretty intimidating. After everyone sang, I tried to demonstrate how to blow out the candle, but apparently I was a little overzealous because I accidentally blew it out for him. Kinda anticlimactic. But the irritated look on his face was priceless. Every time I look at that picture I crack up (3rd from the top). And don't worry, Ez got two more chances to blow out his own candles on his actual birthday. The first time he tried to snuff it out using his fingers (Joe caught him in time), the second time he just ran away, apparently scarred from the first two times... Better luck next year, Ez!

Ez was so spoiled with love and, of course, presents. After most people went home, he demanded the grandparents and uncles sit on the floor with him to play with his new cars. I'm pretty sure that was his favorite part of the whole day. Any time he'd notice anyone standing or sitting in a chair, he'd stare them down and pat the floor next to him until they got down on his level. Apparently it's ok to be a little tyrannical on your birthday ;)

As soon as his head hit the car seat he promptly passed out, Thomas the Train balloon in hand. We eventually had to wake him up three hours later. Definitely a sign of a good party:

We could not have asked for a better way to celebrate our sweet, sometimes surly, always entertaining two year old. Thanks to everyone who came!


  1. Looks like Ez had an absolute blast! Hygiene isn't popular around here some days either ;)

  2. hahaha I love that he makes everybody get on the floor to play cars. Much more fun that way. Aria was shy when everybody showed up on her bday too. Just gotta warm up a bit! Way to blow out the candle though mom =) Next year! Always next year!

  3. what a wonderful day for your little man!!!!!