Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Giant Bubbles!

I really, really love our town. It's got such an old, small-town feel. Everything is centrally located on Main Street, there's a Friday night farmers market, everyone comes out for fireworks on the 4th, and apparently there's a family that likes to hang out in front of the library making giant bubbles. Joe and Ez had seen them before, but this past weekend was my first time. They use these homemade bubble wands that are basically two sticks with string looped between them, which they dip in a bucket of bubbles and then let the breeze take over. Every now and then a giant tunnel bubble will form, like the one above.

The crowd that forms around them is pretty crazy. There's nothing like giant bubbles to entertain everyone between the ages of 2 to 80. Kids were running around popping the bubbles, adults were running around photographing their kids popping the bubbles (that would be me), and you could even blow on the bubbles to make a smaller bubble inside, which was really cool. Bubbles are such a simple thing, but it would have been hours of entertainment if the sun wasn't setting and the temps dropping by the time we got there. 

Ez absolutely loved it. Some of the action shots below crack me up, because you can see him tensing up and screaming as the bubbles come closer, and then giggling as they splash all over him. 

It's funny how that wasn't even planned, but it definitely wound up being a highlight of the weekend. 

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  1. Such a fun activity!! I bet Ez was in heaven!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! We love bubbles over here.

  3. What cool simple fun!!! Now I have to google how to make big bubbles :-)

  4. Those are awesome! I love small towns! Technically, our isn't a small "town" (more like a small city), but it definitely feels like and I love it!

  5. What an awesome way to spend an evening! My son would LOVE those and would be in his glory. How cool that they do that often too, for people to enjoy. Your town looks beautiful too, and sounds like it would be a great place to live - I love the way you described it - so quaint and fun.

  6. What amazing family fun! Defintiely a benefit of living in a small town or even on ethat just has that feel. Love It!