Monday, May 25, 2015

35 Week Bump Update - Baby #2

35 weeks - aka, that weird pregnancy limbo phase where I'm wondering how the end got here so soon AND how are there still 5 weeks to go?? For the longest time I was using Ez's birthday as a landmark that we're nearing the end of this pregnancy, but now his birthday has come and gone there are really no other big events between us and birth, which means we're "officially" in the home stretch!  

Healthwise, I'm feeling extremely large and pregnant, but otherwise pretty good right now. Heartburn is minimal, my rib pain went away, and that prenatal massage and a whole day all to myself left me feeling completely rejuvenated. I know it's not feasible for all pregnant mamas to take a day off, but if you can get any time away for yourself I highly recommend it. I feel like it resets your mind and you come back ready to take on whatever life (aka - a toddler) can throw at you.

Cravings include lots of citrus: grapefruit, pineapple, and super lemony ice water. Like basically lemonade minus the sugar. Trust me, I still love sugar, but ice cold lemon water is just the most refreshing drink to me right now. Also, I had my first ripe peaches and cherries of the season and they're everything I was hoping they'd be. I'm so excited for more summer fruits! 

Nothing much has been accomplished in terms of nesting, but thankfully not too much needs to be done. We still need to hang some curtains and clean out their room a little bit, maybe rearrange some furniture. We should probably stock up on tiny diapers too. Other than that I think we're basically ready.

In big bro news, we've been reading Ez his new baby books, and now he'll point at himself and say "big brother!" Which is the cutest thing. He also brings his baby doll out for a cuddle almost daily. And he's always pointing at my belly and saying baby. I think he's about as prepared and knowledgeable as a two year old is gonna get. I've been loving reading up on how Amanda over at Plum Tickled Pink is adjusting to parenting two, and it gives me hope that maybe, just maybe, this transition will go smoother than I'm anticipating. Fingers crossed!

In baby news, this little guy is as active as ever, and he likes to switch up between tap dancing on my bladder or jabbing my lungs. Judging his movements I'd say he's about ready to move on to a bigger space. Only a few more weeks, lil guy!

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  1. Awww its so much fun watching little ones become Big siblings!

  2. You are getting so close! Although, I totally know what you mean about the end being this weird combination of "already?!" and "not yet?!" :) I'm loving citrus and fruit too!! Yum!

  3. Aw thanks for the shout out. The transition will be so much easier than you think in many ways. Yet, there will be some challenges you didn't even consider. Everything will work out wonderfully and your heart will likely explode daily. :) Can't wait!

  4. Aw! I've missed a few of your bump updates. You're so close. So glad Ez is starting to understand he'll be a big bro. I loved getting to see the little guy I nannied for before a big bro. He's been a pretty great one so far!

  5. Not much longer! I was all about cereal when I was pregnant and the moment I got home fro the hospital I was done with it.

  6. Other peoples' pregnancies go by so much faster than my own did! I can't believe how far along everybody is. Didn't y'all just announce the other day?! 35 weeks, wow. Hey you made it further than I did with Aria. I think my 34 week ending scarred the other ladies I'm friends with. They both had pregnancies after me and were both worried around 34 weeks. Courtney had Aria around now, omg are we ready yet? We need to get more things! Then they both went the usual amount =) lol at Ez being as ready as a 2 year old can be.