Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Baby is 2

a lil behind the scenes action

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ez! I've been spending a lot of time looking back at old photos and videos of you lately, and I just can't believe how much you've changed in two years. I have to admit, seeing how much you've grown makes me a little teary eyed. And then looking back on this post from your 1st birthday makes me more than a little teary eyed. Watching you go from a stiff, barely smiling newborn to giggling and crawling to chattering and wobbling around to talking and running - it's just crazy what a little person you're becoming and I couldn't be prouder. Right from the get go, you've had such a silly and sweet personality. You've always loved to laugh and rough house and get everyone around you to smile. You've always loved snuggles and being held, and I'm happy to say that's still the case. You're also headstrong, stubborn, creative, and a little athlete. You're enthusiasm is contagious. Never in my life have I gotten so excited about passing buses or dump trucks on the road. Seeing any kind of ball absolutely lights up your world. Even little things like watermelon and apples will get you bouncing up and down with excitement. Seeing the world through your eyes is one of the best gifts your dad and I have ever been given. It feels like we have packed in an entire lifetime of laughter, love, and adventures in the past two years, and your daddy and I are so excited to see what the future brings for you. We hope you'll follow whatever ignites your passion and continue to grow and explore with as much enthusiasm as you do now. We love you more than you'll ever know.

A lil look back through the years:


  1. Aww, Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope his second year is even more wonderful than the first! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Ez! I can't believe it! We're almost there, too!

  3. Aw!!!! I think turning two was harder on me than when Lily turned one. So much extra time to bond and really know your little person. Very bittersweet for mama.

  4. Happy TWO!!! I was a mess around 2. It happens so dang fast. I can't believe Aria is almost half a year older already. What the heck. I bet two is going to be a fantastic year too.