Thursday, May 28, 2015

San Francisco - Our Pseudo-Babymoon

I'm calling this a pseudo-Babymoon because technically Joe was in San Francisco for work and Ez and I just decided to tag along. Also, are kids generally allowed on any kind of "moon"-type vacation? Whatever you want to call it, Joe's schedule still left plenty of time for family activities, and we all had a blast, so it worked out well.

Case in point:

1. We went boating. Twice. (Cause Ez loved it that much):
We tried a row boat one day and paddle boating the next day. I say "we", but really Joe did all the physical labor. Ez helped too, in the typical way that a two year old's help tends to increase the time of any activity threefold. But we all loved it, the weather was perfect, and none of us fell in the goose-infected water, so it was definitely a win.

2. Lots of walking and exploring:
We wandered all over Golden Gate park, walked down to the piers, and explored the area around our hotel, by the Metreon and financial district. 

3. Snapping photos of all the beautiful scenery. Ez is a huge fan of all the various bodies of water in SF (fountains included):
We stayed near the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and Ez loved visiting there daily to throw pennies in the fountain. Also, the views from our room were gorgeous and Ez was all about playing in the window seat while pointing out the buses and cars driving by down below.

4. It's not a vacation without lots of good food:

5. You didn't think we skipped dessert, did you??

Pretty much every afternoon ended like this:
Play hard, nap harder.

As all vacations do, our week flew by way too fast. While I'll miss leaving for a day of fun and coming back to a clean room, it is nice to be home and slowly easing our way back into some semblance of routine.


  1. So lucky to go on a babymoon! I can't believe you can do all that physical activity so late in the game!

  2. You didn't want to fall into the goose water? Weird, sounds fun!
    And cannot forget the food plus dessert! Looks good. Really good.
    I like that whole clean the room while you are gone thing too. Too bad that isn't something that happens in homes, unless you pay somebody. I don't really want to pay anybody. How about fairies instead? Pay them in leftovers?

  3. Love that you had a little baby moon. Totally wish we would have done something of the sorts. Btw-toy thought you called Ez a nap hoarder when you said "nap harder". Lol

  4. Beautiful pics and yummy food, looks like an incredible baby moon! I can tell little man had fun!