Monday, February 9, 2015

20 Weeks with Baby #2

Halfway mark already??! How did that happen? I literally counted the weeks on the calendar just now to make sure that wasn't a mistake. It feels like it was just Christmas, but now we're already at Valentine's Day. Crazy! 

Currently baby is a little over 10 ounces and about 10 inches from head to heel. Fun/icky fact: baby is now practicing swallowing, and is producing meconium, which Daddy will get to change in another 20 weeks or so ;)

This little guy is mostly active at night. The movement is slowly getting stronger, and I think I actually felt him move from the outside the other night. That means Joe and Ez might be feeling his kicks pretty soon too, which is very exciting. 

The weather here warmed up a lot recently, so my dry skin hasn't been tortuous like it was a month ago. Another weird symptom that has kicked in are my crazy vivid dreams. I'll wake up feeling happy/sad/angry from the dream, and then I'll start to remember what the dream was about and it's almost always completely ridiculous, but the emotions are so real. Like in one of my recent dreams we were at a very nice tropical resort but we were ambushed by knights, and I remember running in the dream, and waking up scared and stressed out, and then remembering why and thinking what the heck?? I chalk that one up to a mixture of Game of Thrones (currently on the second book) and the Bachelor. By the way, Walking Dead comes back tonight. Anyone else excited?? I'm sure zombies will be making an appearance in my dreams in the near future.

I've also got a case of pregnancy scatterbrain. Like the other day as we were heading out the door I grabbed Ez's bowl of snacks, dumped it into a ziplock bag to bring with us, and then left the bagful of snacks on the table and brought the empty bowl with us instead. Not sure when the last time you tried to run errands with a hungry toddler was...but it's not something I'd recommend. 

I haven't had any intense cravings lately. Instead I just have the desire to eat all.the.time. I'm living a hobbit life. Any other LOTR nerds fans will get it:

The best moment of the week was finding out baby's gender on Friday. That means that we get to start thinking about names and I get to start washing and sorting all of Ez's old clothes. We have several bins full of his clothes, so aside from shoes this baby is pretty much set through 2T. 

Recently I've had several people comment on how much more pregnant I look this time around at 20 weeks than last time. They're right, but let me tell you, hearing that never gets old ;)  Here's a little comparison to when I was 20 weeks pregnant with Ez, so you can see for yourself:

Fun little fact: this time 2 years ago Joe and I were just getting back from our babymoon  in Kauai. Still my most favorite vacation ever. One day I hope we can go back with our little guys.


  1. Wow!! Can't believe your halfway! Time is going too fast!

  2. Crazy how quickly these second pregnancies fly by, right? You look amazing! P.S. I definitely don't recommend running errands with a hungry (or hangry) toddler!!! A definite nightmare. Have a fabulous week!

  3. Haha! I'm cracking up at the Hobbit reference. Elevensies is totally a real meal. =)

  4. Time is flying and you look great! We went on a babymoon to honolulu right around when I was 20 weeks. Apparently hawaii is a great babymoon place! haha! I missed the boy announcement but yay -- you have everything you need already!!!

  5. Congratulations on reaching the halfway mark! I was a total hobbit during my pregnancy! Second breakfasts were my favorite!! :) Enjoy the next weeks, they will fly by!!

  6. Aww what a great post! Congrats on half way! I love second breakfast!

  7. You look great! I'm showing a lot quicker this time around too, it's like our bodies say "oh this! I remember what to do!". By the way, I wore the exact same shirt as you today! :)

  8. ha, yup your belly hadn't passed the boobs yet last time around. That's the mark of a good bump, it is bigger than the boobs. Do you opt out of the tar poops?? We missed those altogether because they were done with by the time she came home. Score =)

  9. Can't believe it's 20 weeks! You are looking fantastic! :)