Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Life Lately: Boxes Everywhere

Since Friday, the above picture pretty much sums up our life: messy and packed away in boxes. I've been spending the last few days slowly chipping away at the mess, as well as scrubbing the place clean, and I think I'm maybe 25% done. Keep in mind, I'm working at a pregnant lady's pace over here.

We got our keys and started moving a few things on Friday. The movers came Saturday morning and that's when the real fun began. 4 busy hours later almost everything was at the new place. After that craziness it was time for some fun! We took a much-deserved break to meet up with my family and Ez at Disneyland. No matter how busy life gets, there's always time for cheese Monte Cristos ;)
"Where's Gangy?"
Jungle cruise time!
Ez liked it much better during daylight (and with a better narrator).
Silly Ez...sleeping during Uncle Avery's bday lunch.
When did the teacups get so fast??
On Sunday we met my family for brunch before they had to head home:
Ez looks a little sad to see the grandparents and uncle go.
Then it was back to moving. We packed up the last few odds and ends at the old place, which somehow turned into 3 carloads. Everytime we have to pack up all of our belongings I'm shocked by how much stuff we have. Anyone who's moved a ton knows those last few boxes are always the most annoying to unpack - miscellaneous semi-useful junk from all corners of the house. I always put those off till last.
Can you spot Ez?
Despite the mess and chaos, Ez loves the place. Actually, it may be because of the mess. Apparently climbing through towers of boxes and trash bags full of clothes is a little kid's paradise. As long as he's happy, I'm happy. Actually, as long as he's happy and the gas is turned on so we can cook and shower, I'm happy. The gas company came by yesterday to fix our gas issues and I can definitely say that life is much better with a warm shower. But hey, an excuse for breakfast out with my little man is never a bad thing.

All the boxes and exhaustion aside, we are really happy with this move. The location is fantastic. Ez and I are close enough to Gymboree that we can walk (which is what we did yesterday morning). That means we're also walking distance to Trader Joe's and Panera Bread, which may be a little dangerous. The space is smaller than our old place, but the layout and storage situation is much better so it feels bigger. And, perhaps most important of all, we've still got a big yard for Ez to run around in:
He's one happy camper.


  1. Best of luck getting settled before arrival of baby. Totally understand the whole moving while pregnant thing!

  2. Moving into a new place is always so tough! Sounds like you're chipping away at it though!

  3. Sounds like you have the right idea. Do the hard work but still have fun. I am jealous of all the fun things within walking distance!

  4. Good luck with getting all that organized. You have your work cut out for you. :)

  5. I would love to go to Disneyland. I've been to Disney World, but would love to do the Haunted Mansion there. Good luck with getting everything organized and settled!

  6. So much work is associated with moving! I totally forgot about all that. I want to move within the next year, but I am really not looking forward to getting the house ready to sell, keeping it clean and all the packing and unpacking. Good luck! Jealous of walking distance to TJ's!

  7. It sounds awesome, the new place...I love that you can walk places. I think they forgot what cross walks and side walks are here, so it is not safely possible to even go anywhere.
    Loving that you popped over to Disney =) My fave thing to do, wish we were close enough to do it ha. Are you further away now? Closer? About the same?
    I hate moving. I am in the camp of throw it all away, get rid of it I don't want to see it ever again!!

  8. One day at a time, sweet lady! And hooray for choosing a great location on your new home! Sounds awesome! Glad to see you had fun at Disney. :)

  9. Moving & pregnant - you are one tough momma! And, while I always see moving as a pain in the bum, its nice to pack everything up and have millions of memories come rushing back. I always find things I forgot I had.

  10. So very busy… and pregnant and moving too!! you deserve some sort of medal!!