Friday, January 30, 2015

Currently... The Moving Edition

I always love reading other bloggers posts about what's currently going on in their lives, so I thought I'd do my own version here.


Reading: I just finished up the 1st Game of Thrones book and Wild by Cheryl Strayed and I started the 2nd Game of Thrones book A Clash of Kings, mainly because it's one of the few books that isn't packed up. I was intending to read a shorter book before tackling this thousand-pager.

Watching: Chuggington! Badge Quest! And listening to Ez say "choo choo!" - pretty cute background noise, if you ask me. Other than that, the only regular show I'm currently watching is Bachelor. Judge me if you will.

Eating: McDonalds breakfast is the best! Egg McMuffin (no meat) and a hashbrown. The baby wanted it ;)

Drinking: McDonalds iced coffee. I still drink one cup of coffee today, and the McCafe drinks are so weak, I'm pretty sure it only counts as half a cup. They're tasty though!

Wearing: PJs! Other than that, my preggo uniform is basically leggings + long tanks from H&M + a comfy, baggy shirt. Owning a pair of black leggings for every day of the week is normal, right?

Thinking about: The move. We're picking up the keys this afternoon and then we'll start moving stuff I don't really trust the movers with (aka - anything breakable). The movers come tomorrow and then the real fun begins. 

Loving: That my parents are on their way down here this very moment and will be taking Ez to Disneyland today and tomorrow while we deal with the moving madness.

Looking forward to: Celebrating my baby bro's 21st birthday at Disneyland tomorrow! Happy birthday (uncle) Avery!

Wondering: Why it is my parents always manage to pick the three days a year it rains in So Cal to go to Disneyland. Are they bringing the rain with them??

Needing: a trip to the grocery store. Bad. We're down to about 6 eggs and a loaf of bread. No milk. No bananas. No yogurt. Basically no Ez staples whatsoever. Was hoping to make it through the move without buying more food, but that's looking pretty impossible at the moment.

Wishing: we could fast forward through the packing/unpacking of the next few days while somehow also pausing to enjoy the fun stuff, like Disneyland. Since that's impossible, I'll just wish for a smooth move with minimal broken things. And maybe a post-move massage or mani-pedi would also be nice! By the way, as a sidenote, that gel manicure I got three weeks ago is still going strong. No chips. Pretty amazing considering it usually only takes half a day for my nail polish to chip when I do it myself...

Grateful for: everything falling in place at the last minute in regards to selling our house and finding a new house that we love. Can't wait to get all settled in at the new place :)


  1. 6 eggs and bread sounds like the makings of french toast to me! Don't go to the store just yet. ;)

    Good luck with your move and tell your parents to bring some sunshine on their next visit. Haha!

  2. Good luck on your move and enjoy Disneyland!! It will be super fun! What a great layout for a post!

  3. I hope you guys have fun at Disney! It feels like ages since I have been there...

  4. I hate packing and moving and unpacking too! Hope it goes by quickly for you!

  5. mmm McDonald's hashbrowns. We almost never do McD's at breakfast because the french fries are my weakness but we had hashbrowns while the inlaws were down as an on the way to the beach snack. mmmmmmm.
    I hope nothing breaks! I hate having nothing in the fridge. We were that way on Friday too. I should have gotten ice cream though....