Monday, January 12, 2015

Soaking Up Family Time

Last week Joe was traveling for work so rather than be on 24/7 toddler duty I decided to give myself a little vacation and head to my mom's for the week. Four extra pairs of hands means I barely had to lift a finger all week. Until it comes to diaper duty, then all the extra hands magically disappear. 

By day 2 Ez had figured out that all he had to do was make eye contact with one of the uncles or grandparents, grunt, and point at the ground. Instant playmate, just like that. I think the four of them averaged at least 50 hours each of playing cars throughout the week. Surrounded by such an adoring fan base Ez couldn't care less whether or not I was there.

Last time we went to Modesto I missed out on seeing my sister because she was sick on Christmas, so it was nice to have a little do-over. We visited the park, Ez got some really cool Christmas gifts - including a handmade sock monkey - and capped off the evening catching up over lots of yummy Mexican food. 

As lovely as Christmas is, it's always jam-packed trying to visit as much family as possible in a short amount of time so it was really nice to go back for a relaxed trip. No double-booking our days or strict schedules to stick to. I had plenty of time to linger during visits and really catch up with friends and family. And everyone knows the best conversations are long and meandering and touch on everything and you can never remember how you got on a specific, totally random topic. Speaking for myself and Ez, we had a great time. 

It'll be interesting to see how he readjusts to life with just me during the week. Nobody running to fetch his toys or plopping on the floor to play cars all day long. I'm sure if Ez had better vocabulary I'd be hearing, "Grandma would let me!" for a long while ;)

Any of you have husbands that travel a lot? How do you hold down the house by yourself for long periods of time?


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful visit! The family I nanny for decided to take a parent's only vacation before their next baby arrives, and my husband and I watched the little for a week while they were gone. It was one of the hardest weeks of my life. I can't imagine doing that 24/7 alone. It made us want to wait a little longer to start thinking about having kids haha.

  2. Grandma would let me! hahahaha I hearrrrd that! So annoying. ;) After visitors leave, there is always a difficult transition period back into the real routine of how things are done. Who is the blonde lady? Ya'll favor each other a lot!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous visit with family!! i have totally heard the "grandma would let me" before!! lol!!

  4. I'm sure you deserved a much needed Vacay with a little babe.


  5. hahaha, grandma would let me. I hear ya. As soon as Aria's yiayia got to the house she'd just plop on the floor and be loud and playful. That is nice that you got to do a slow-over!

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