Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's the Little Things: Lifelong Friends

Lifelong friends are actually a pretty big deal. It's so common to lose contact with friends in the process of big life changes like moving, relationships, kids, and careers. So I consider myself very lucky to have more than one friendship that has already survived all of those changes along with everything else life has thrown at us for the past 20+ years. (These girls are so special to me they've actually already made it into a previous Little Things post!)

The reason I'm including this as a Little Things post is that I was lucky enough to see my friends as often in the past two weeks as I normally see them in a year. Between things like working and having a newborn, it hasn't always been super convenient to make a six hour drive home to visit. Ez is currently at a good roadtrip age, not that he's overly thrilled by long car rides, but he can handle it much better than when he was in his newborn scream-my-head-off-everytime-I'm-in-a-carseat phase. That's one phase that couldn't pass soon enough. 

There are few people that make me laugh as much as these friends do, whether we're lingering way too long over dinner at a restaurant, playing board games at home, or just driving around chatting. Everyone needs at least a few of those friends that crack you up so much you're on the floor gasping for air. (FYI - Joe makes the list of hilarious bffs too, wanted to make sure he doesn't feel left out ;)

And speaking of Joe, special thanks for being the resident punching bag, jungle gym, toy retriever, and more at our last dinner out. I know being outnumbered 3 to 1 is no easy feat, and it gave the rest of us a chance to actually hear each other speak over the rowdy game of cars going on at one end of the table. You're the bestestest!

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  1. Ah how nice to get to to visit. I agree it is easy to just drift apart when life changes. I've known Aria's godparents for quite some years now. I just love that we get to raise our kids together.

  2. Ahhhh love this post!!! It's so amazing to have those friends that you might not see/talk to daily but nothing ever changes because it's like your souls were meant to be together.