Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Our Weekend: LA, Disney, and LOTS of Food!

Considering we didn't even realize it was a long weekend until Thursday, I think we did a pretty good job of packing in a lot of fun stuff. We kicked off the weekend on Friday (when Joe works from home) with breakfast with friends. Once again Joe got a little taste of being outnumbered by kids, and once again he did an amazing job at keeping all the kids happy and entertained. He'll be a pro by the time baby #2 gets here.

Saturday we decided it was time for our bi-annual trip to Stan's Donuts, in LA. We saw them on the food network when I was pregnant with Ez, and of course we had to try them out. That's also where Ez had his first donut. (See here and here.) They do not disappoint, and this time Stan even personally came out to our table to bring us several more filled donut holes - because clearly we didn't have enough donuts already:

Since Stan's Donuts is right down the street from UCLA we decided to walk around the campus for a bit. We visited the same fountain that Ez loved splashing around in last time. It wasn't quite as warm, but we still let him dip his feet in. He also kicked his soccer ball around on the grass and we browsed the bookstore too. 

After all that Ez still wasn't in a napping mood, so we headed over to Joe's work, which also happened to be the scene of a pool party on the first episode of the Bachelor. Not sure if any of you are watching that show, but can they please bring Jimmy Kimmel back for every episode?? He makes the otherwise dull, generic conversations on the dates so much better! I was pro-Chris during Andi's season, but he's just coming across so boring this season. Anyway, here's the pool:

And here's Joe's view from the office:
Ez loved the bird's eye view of the freeways below.
This statue sure does make me want to run out and get an office job...
because Ez hadn't had enough sugar for the day ;)
Can you tell he's got a sweet tooth??
On Sunday we decided to put our brand new Disney Annual Passports to use! Unfortunately they were doing the Star Wars marathon that day, so traffic was crazy. Then, once we finally got to the gates and were about to walk into the park, the attendant informs us that our passes expired last month. Exactly one week after we bought them. Huh?? We had to stand there for what felt like forever while they sorted it out. Definitely feels like Disney dropped the ball on their normally efficient ways lately. It took us 90 minutes last month to actually buy our passes, and then they only made them valid for a week? Not to mention they charged us for our expired passes this month... Needless to say we were a little annoyed by the time we finally made it into the park, but it's impossible to stay annoyed in Disneyland for long. Especially when the weather is perfect and cinnamon rolls are on the agenda!

Considering how often I go to Disneyland, it's surprising to me that there are still so many things I've never done. This trip we took a ride on the pirate ship, which Ez loved so much he cried when we had to get off. I'd also never been on the storybook boats or Flik's Flyers before. I think Ez got a teensy bit bored on the storybook boats, possibly because we had to wait for half an hour, which is a long time at that age, but he loved Flik's Flyers. He even loved watching them from the line, and then once we got on them and they started flying I think he was a little scared at first, but he got into it and was smiling by the end.

While we were over at Disney California we also got to meet Mickey! It was the shortest line I've ever waited in to meet a character. Ez was actually really excited to see Mickey...until we got to the front of the line and got/had to stand next to him. Then the picture couldn't be over fast enough. Now we're just missing Donald, and Daisy as far as the classic characters go. We also saw the genie, Aladdin, and Jasmine when we first got into the park, but then we had to wait forever for our passes to get sorted out so we didn't get a picture :(
Ez's standard get-me-outta-here pose
If you're keeping track, I basically ate some form of fried dough every meal this weekend.
Funny story bout that giant piece of toffee (bottom right): Joe was alone in line for the candy while I was next door getting us Starbucks, and apparently when he got to the front of the line the lady helping him yelled out, "Yay! I get to help the cute one!" Then she proceeded to tell him that he reminded her of a Puerto Rican lover she had when she was younger (she was about 70), and started speaking Spanish to Joe. To top it all off she said something along the lines of "the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice." We've been cracking up over that ever since.


  1. Fun vacation! I just back from one myself. That statue cracks me up and those donuts look amazing! =)

  2. Haha, I love those pictures of him with the kids. And, they look like they are having the best time! Oh my goodness, those donuts look fabulous! Makes the donuts we get here seem pitiful. Ha. So cool that you guys went to the pool from the Bachelor. I am definitely a bachelor fanatic. And WHOA!!! What a view. Amazing! Glad you got the Disney passes worked out! What a pain. I’ve never been to Disneyland…only World. Maybe one day. Great pictures. Looks like a good time!

  3. fried dough is the best though!
    Sad about Disney dropping the ball. I've only ever had impeccable everything. Even when we've had problems they've sorted them so well. You waited for thirty minutes in a line though? I'm impressed. We usually stick with 15 or lower ha. 20 scares me. We didn't know it was a holiday weekend either or we wouldn't have done Disney. It was crowded and even our fastpass+ lines were long. But we'd already told Aria and she was chanting about it the rest of the evening so we didn't want to back out. We had fun, but I can't wait to go when it isn't so crowded. I think I got spoiled by our always going during the week but now that Chris has that respectable 9-5 mon to fri job we have to go on weekends like the rest of the people.

  4. It looks like you guys are having such a wonderful time! At 22, I love Disney and would love the chance to go to Disneyland. I am obsessed with doughnuts and those look so heavenly. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us.

  5. Omg. Those pastries look amazing!!! Also, love the pictures of your hubby fligging the kiddos around!! And so many character pictures too!!!!

  6. Awwwwww yay it looks like you guys had so much fun. I love love love Disney a tons, and to see it though a kids eyes is amazing. Great pictures!