Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend Recap: Basketball, Donuts, & Fountains

This weekend was jam packed with family activities, just the way I like it. We kicked off the long weekend with Saturday brunch with Joe's mom and grandma, then capped off the evening watching Robin Hood (the Disney version). Joe has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to Disney movies, and I love that one. Now I have the word Oodalolly stuck in my head on repeat. Ezzy didn't pay too much attention to it, he only likes the musical parts, and Robin Hood doesn't have very many catchy songs. I'm thinking Lion King might be more up his alley. We watched Frozen, and he liked the middle part, but lost interest toward the end when things got all dark and dramatic.

On Sunday we had breakfast with one of Joe's coworkers, and then took Ezzy to his first basketball game, a Sparks vs. San Antonio game at the Staples Center. At first he loved the jumbotron and would not take his eyes off of it. He was also pretty enamored with a pair of girls sitting a few rows in front of us. Eventually all the noise and sensory overload got to him though, so we left in the third quarter. The fact that Ezzy decided to get up in the middle of the night and play for two hours probably didn't help his mood either. (Thankfully he only pulls those kinds of stunts on nights when Daddy can get up with him. Thank you, Ez!) As you can see from the photos, he was one tired boy by the time we left the game. I think he was asleep before we even made it out of the parking lot.

On Monday I demanded we satisfy my donut craving which had been going strong for four days. We went all the way to Stan's donuts in Westwood (the best donuts!) and went a lil crazy ordering half a dozen donuts. But seriously, how can you pick just one flavor?? This was Ezzy's first donut experience, and as you can probably tell by the rabid look in his eyes, he was a fan. 

Afterward we walked off the donuts by wandering around UCLA's campus (wandering around college campuses is one of our favorite hobbies). According to Joe's pedometer we took more than 18,000 steps yesterday! That's like 9 miles. I think Ezzy's favorite part of UCLA was the fountain. I had him propped next to it (for a photo op, obviously) and he tried to walk right into the water, so I dipped his feet in. At first he was tentative, taking small little steps and looking at us like "what is this place??" Then all of a sudden he got really into it and was bent over splashing water all over himself (and me) with his tongue hanging out. I love the picture of him in the fountain with the dog in the background because the two of them were getting such enjoyment out of that fountain. Adults just don't understand what fountains are meant for. Between splashing in the fountain and practicing walking on the grass, Ezzy was tuckered out before we even made it back to the car. Daddy's shoulder is one of the best napping spots anyway. 

I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Ahhh! So much fun was had. Love it! mmm donuts. Love that last picture...too sweet.