Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Recap: Ezzy takes his first steps!

What a fun and busy weekend! Lots of running around and visiting with friends, very little napping. 

Ezzy and I spent our Saturday morning at Downtown Disney with my friend Millie (aka Aunt Millie). Her daughter was at a birthday party at Build a Bear, so we hung out drinking smoothies in the shade at the Disneyland Hotel while we were waiting. I let Ezzy crawl around on the grass in front of the hotel, which he got a kick out of. And, of course I had to put him in the Yoda hat (meant for teddy bears) when we went back to Build a Bear to pick up Millie's daughter. Too cute! (To be honest, that wasn't the only Teddy Bear accessory I tried on Ezzy.)

Saturday evening was spent at Uncle Nev's house eating pizza and watching the Mayweather fight. It's only fitting that Ezzy's intro to boxing would be with Nevin, since that's his passion. I think Ezzy was more interested in chasing his ball around the living room, but I thought it was a good fight, and learned a lot about boxing.

Our Sunday family funday got off on the right foot with some Panera Bread pastries. Then we headed down to OC so we could knock a few birthday errands off our list, walk around UC Irvine's campus, and eat at Veggie Grill. I love that place! They really need one closer to us. We started off at Barnes & Noble, where I got a guest sign-in book for Ezzy's party. I also got a Indian Vegetarian cookbook that I'm very excited about. I normally don't buy cookbooks, because I find most of my recipes on Pinterest or, but this one has so many interesting recipes, plus step by step pictures, plus nutritional information, AND it was in the bargain section. So I couldn't pass it up. The other place we wanted to go to for party supplies was Hobby Lobby, but unfortunately they're closed on Sundays. 

After a delicious lunch we went over to UCI to walk around. I love that campus, I think it's so pretty and it has great walking paths. There just happened to be some kind of battle reenactment going on in the park, with a bunch of people dressed like...pirates? I'm really not sure what they were supposed to be, but they had all kinds of fake weapons: spears, bows and arrows, swords... and as we were walking by them Ezzy let out this loud battle cry. We kept joking that he wanted us to wheel him into battle. Our silly little warrior. 

We found a nice shady grassy area for Ezzy to play on, and he insisted on walking around while holding our hands. At one point I was holding on to him and he was walking toward Joe, and I just let go and he kept walking, all on his own! I knew he'd be walking any day, but I was still shocked. Joe and I just stared at each other, like, "You saw that too, right??" So we practiced that a few more times back and forth, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, and he was taking about three steps at a time, several times in a row.

Ezzy at 5 months old vs. 1 year (almost!)
And remember last week when I said Ezzy would stand up using the furniture and then get stuck, unable to get back on the floor? Well, he figured that out too. And just like that we've got a mobile little toddler on our hands...

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