Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Photo Shoot: Round 2

Here's the last of our Spring photos, which were taken almost a month ago (see the first batch here). We also took a few in early celebration of Ezzy's birthday, but I'll save those for closer to his actual birthday. Once again, it was so hard to narrow down my favorites, Amber, our photographer, did such a great job of capturing Ezzy's personality. I love the ones where he's on Joe's shoulders peering around to watch us kiss. Or the one where he's just so excited he tries to shove his entire fist in his mouth. Of course there's the classic sticking his tongue out pose. And all the photos of him talking wildly with his hands just crack me up. I swear he's going to be an orator or a politician, maybe even the president ;)


  1. You guys are way too cute. I'm jealous. I need to talk my husband into getting some family shots taken.

    1. Yes! The more family photos you guys take, the better! In our case it helps that we have a few friends who do photography, so we've gotten good deals, otherwise photo shoots can get kinda expensive. Pre-Ezzy, the only pictures of Joe were either of him covering his face with his hands, or of his back as he ran away from the camera. Now he's all about pictures, and he's often the one that instigates the shoots. Just one of the many positive changes parenthood brings on :)

  2. What a beautiful family! Your son is so cute!

  3. Beautiful photos! There are so many good ones--how will you pick out which ones to farme? haha!

  4. Love the classic stick out the tongue during double kiss from parents pose.