Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Recap: First Tooth!

You have no idea how many photos we took to get this one shot! 
Look what decided to make an appearance Sunday night! He woke up without a tooth, and then that evening while I was giving him a bath I could have sworn I saw something white in his mouth, and suddenly there was a tooth. It looks like the other top tooth is about to break through too. I feel like without teeth Ezzy still looked like a baby, but he already looks more grown up to me with his half tooth. I just couldn't get over it last night, and kept harassing my poor boy trying to get another glimpse until finally we took this picture.

Before I get too far into our weekend recap, I thought I'd share a photo of the post-birthday wreckage that has taken over our living room:
He looks mighty proud of the mess he's created.
On Friday we had a playdate with my friend's sons, age 2 and 4. Ezzy loved it, mainly because they had new balls for him to throw around (a soccer ball, and some hamster ball contraption thing). They seemed equally fascinated by having a baby around, and I thought it was so cute that the 4 year old took all the small toys and said "the baby can't play with this" then put them out of reach. What a good big brother.

On Friday Ezzy got a birthday package in the mail: 3 shirts from Uncle Nev & Aunt Ramona. For some reason Ez thought that orange shirt was one of the best toys he's ever played with. He kept carrying it around with him and waving it around and yelling. We finally dressed him in it, and now it's in the hamper, but I'm sure he's wondering where that great source of his amusement is hiding. He also loved the card that came with the shirts. He's been playing with it daily since Friday. 1 year olds are so easy to shop for.

My most favorite part of weekends (or any day, for that matter) is lounging around spending time with my boys. Whether we're having a balloon fight, or a play-screaming match (Ezzy always wins), or practicing walking, all of us usually wind up in fits of giggles. 

On Sunday morning we went out for a family breakfast at Whole Foods. I was surprised by what a variety Ezzy ate. He had some of Joe's scrambled eggs (he's usually not a fan), french toast, fruit, oatmeal (which he didn't like, although he loved it the last time he tried it...), and some of Joe's blueberry smoothie. He looked like a little zombie with smoothie all over his face, so we had to snap these pics:
Such a goofball.

After Whole Foods I couldn't resist stopping by Home Goods, which was in the same shopping center and having its grand opening. There were hoards of people waiting outside, and I've only been to a Home Goods once, so I had to see what all the fuss was about. The line to checkout was wrapped around the store, and there was hardly room to even look at anything, but the kids recliner (below) was so adorable, we had to snap some pics (of course). Then we hightailed it out of there, cause nothing is worth waiting in that kind of line for (except Disneyland rides). We spent the rest of our day napping, taking a family walk, and eating dinner at a Cuban place that we'd never tried before. We capped off the evening with the Amazing Race finale. For any other fans, I won't give away the ending, but I'll just say that I'm happy with the outcome. 

All in all it was a perfect weekend and I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend too! 

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  1. Yay! First tooth! Elin never really got all that cranky when she was teething so hopefully Ezzy doesn't either. He always seems like such a happy guy! Such a great smile.