Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's the Little Things: Cake Smash

Ezzy's best deer-in-the-headlight impression while we sang Happy Birthday
It looks like he actually helped us blow out the candle.
Once the singing stopped he started to get really upset...
...until he tasted the frosting.
From that first bite he was all about the cake.
The messier, the better.
Once he realized he could just shove giant pieces in his mouth at will... was game over.
Notice half the cake is already missing? This was like two minutes later.
That one little tear is so sad!
There, that's what an "I devoured a whole cake by myself" face should look like.
Get your own cake, Dad!
All mine!
And I'm definitely not sharing with my cousin lurking behind me, either!
As I'm sure you gathered from the other posts I've written leading up to Ezzy's birthday, I was most excited about the cake smash. I had a feeling though that Ezzy was not gonna love having a bunch of people sing Happy Birthday to him. He sat stiffly through the song, staring directly into the camera with a traumatized look on his face. He burst into tears as soon as the singing stopped. So, naturally, I shoved some cake in his mouth as quickly as possible and then all was right in his world again. It took a little guidance to make him realize he could just tear the cake apart with his hands and shove giant fistfuls into his mouth, but once he got that down the cake disappeared in under five minutes. (I think, anyway. I went to the bathroom for some paper towels and came back to a cake-covered baby and a plate of crumbs.)

I love that last photo of Ezzy's cousin watching Ezzy eat cake behind the chair. Next time I will make sure all the kids get cake at the same time, so there are no plots on my son's life. Rookie mistake.

This week I'm linking up with Jess and Ashley for their Little Things series!


  1. Love that he loved his cake. Elin not only wouldn't eat cake on her first birthday but she also hated it when she got icing on her finger! haha! This seemed like the perfect cake smash.

    1. Lol, luckily (or not??!?) Ezzy doesn't mind getting messy. He probably gets that from me ;)

  2. bahaha, best post ever =) Cake smash!!! Love it!!! haha, love that he was like...sad no i don't like, wait that tastes amazing, eat all the cake! That's just how cake smash should be!