Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Photo Shoot (the first batch)

Here's the first batch of Spring photos! Our photographer, Amber, got sooo many great ones that I can't fit them all in one post, so expect one or two more in the near future. As I mentioned in the behind the scenes post, Ezzy was a champ for an hour, but as soon as his sixty minutes was up, he turned into a fussy, cranky, crying baby. I understand. Hunger does that to me too. Thankfully an hour was all we needed. Ezzy looks like such a big boy with his hat and bow tie. 

Before we move on to the photos though, I do have one question for the moms out there. How the heck do you de-snot a baby's nose? I swear it requires at least six hands. Two to hold down his arms, two to hold his face in place, and two to do the actual de-snotting. Even with that little snot-sucker bulb thingy. Ezzy flails, and throws his head around, and screams, and tries to eat the bulb when it gets near his face... Is there some magical technique besides putting him in a straight jacket that I'm missing? This is the kind of stuff they really should have gone over in our child care classes. I'm sure we could have figured out swaddling and diaper changes on our own, but I could've used some tips on nose-blowing, fingernail clipping (I'm still scared of that!), and baby-proofing (I swear 80% of the stuff Ezzy finds on the ground is invisible to the naked eye).


  1. Great photos!! So, have you heard of the nosefrida? It's effective at getting the snot out however the same problem of getting the kid to let you near their nose exists.

  2. Beautiful pictures, love them! I love the kid between the parents holding hand pictures, those are always my fave.

    Aria actually likes being de-snotted, ha. Weird kid. We have the (http://www.diapers.com/p/babycomfynose-nasal-aspirator-blue-sky-baby-99428?site=CA&utm_source=cse&utm_medium=cpc_D&utm_term=BCS-001&utm_campaign=googleproductsearch&CAWELAID=1338666919) thing, and she thinks it is the coolest. We also use those boogie wipes, and she asks for a nose wipe every diaper change. Is your bulb the up the nose kind, maybe he would prefer the just right on the outside kind like the aspirator.
    And, nail cutting is terrifying. I filed Aria's when she was little because clipping was impossible. It is okay now.

  3. Thanks guys! All I've been using was the bulb thing that I have to stick up his nose in order for it to work. I didn't even know there's a whole world of other options for de-snotting! I will have to try these out and see if he puts up less resistance :)