Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Recap: House Hunting

Ezzy at 4 months, 9 months, 11 months

We really crammed a lot of stuff into this weekend. We ate out a ton. Ezzy had his first experience with crayons (the first three pictures). It was a short-lived experience. After we stopped him from eating the crayon, he decided it would be more fun to throw it than color with it. We were at the mall and they have these balloon animal punching bags and every single kid that we saw walk by them would stop what they were doing and run over to punch or kick it. We decided to let Ezzy give it a try. I don't think he really understood the concept of a punching bag, but he was pretty mesmerized by that giant pink tiger. 

On Friday afternoon I took Ezzy to the park, and he was super impressed by the swings, as you can clearly see in the photos. Not. From the time he was little, I have periodically taken him to the park to play on the swings and he always gets the same serious expression. He doesn't hate it or love it. It just seems like he's humoring me. 

Saturday is when our schedule got a little hectic. House hunting in the morning, followed by a brief stop at a friend's birthday party (just long enough to drop off a present), then on to a possible venue for our wedding, and then, since we were in the area, we stopped by my aunt's house to visit and have dinner. Of all the houses we've seen in the past week, we have a couple that we really like. We also really like the wedding venue. It was huge, tons of great photo op settings, inexpensive, tons of parking, and basically everything we were looking for. 

While we were hanging out at my aunt's house, Ezzy stood up on his own for what felt like a long time (several seconds), and he actually did that a few times. I think this boy will be walking any day now. We also got the adorable video of him dragging Joe around the house after his ball. 

Sunday was more laid back, but we did look at more houses, and then capped the day off by spending way too much money at Target. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Those punching bags sound so odd, but fun! Apparently since it as a magnet for all the kiddos!