Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Assembly Required

I'm just gonna throw it out there that one of my least favorite parts of parenthood is all the assembly required. There was the crib, dresser, and changing table, which was a ton of fun to put together while I was eight months pregnant. *sarcasm* (nothing is fun while 8 months pregnant). Then we had an extremely pleasant year-long lull in putting stuff together which was broken today when we had no option but to put up a real baby gate (instead of the strategically placed cases of water that we had been using). Ezzy tried to jump headfirst over the water bottles last night. Thankfully he didn't make it, and just belly flopped on top of the water bottles, and then flailed around crying to be rescued. Unlike putting together his nursery furniture, this time I had to contend with a very active baby trying to climb on my back (see photo 1) as I was trying to decipher confusing instructions and manually screw the gate into the wall since my power drill is a cheap Ikea p.o.c. I know this is only the beginning and we've got plenty of Christmas and Birthday toy assembly in front of us. When you pair Joe's impatience for reading instructions, and my tendency to do at least one step per project backward, Ezzy should be in for some interesting presents... Sorry, kid.

Also, as you can tell from the pictures, Ezzy thinks the gate is his newest toy/personal jungle gym. Fingers crossed that thing holds up...


  1. Lot's of places nowadays wile assemble for a fee... for future reference ;-)


    1. Yeah, that's the route we're gonna have to go for bikes and stuff that could injure him if they fall apart during use ;)