Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Recap: Spring Photo Shoot & Beach Day

Watching our lil orator talk animatedly with his hands.
This Saturday we did a Spring/Easter/Ezzy-turns-1 photo shoot. Originally we planned on going to the arboretum, where we did our maternity photos, but there was a wedding going on, and no parking, so we switched to the park. These photos are the behind the scenes shots, taken by Joe's mom, and if they're any indication of how the other photos came out, I'm going to love love love them. Ezzy was great for about an hour, and then he went into hungry/tired meltdown mode. But I think we got a lot of good shots in that hour. (Maybe this would be a good time to warn you that this is a very picture-heavy post...even more than usual!)

Love these boys with all my heart.
Those cheeks!
Possibly my favorite photo of us.
Ezzy liked using Daddy's head to hold himself up. Silly boy.
This is around the time he decided the photo shoot had run its course.
And all he wanted was hugs from Mommy. No complaints here.
Behind the scenes bubble action. Ezzy was not all that impressed.
He's such a dapper little man in this picture.
So dignified with his fedora.
He was pretty mesmerized by the leaves in the grass.
My heart is full :)
"Eww...what are you doing Mommy and Daddy??"
Loves of my life.

Sunday was a brunch and beach day. The weather was absolutely perfect, low 70s, slight breeze, not too hot, not too cold, yet somehow the beach wasn't at all crowded. This is the same beach we went to when my sister was in town for Labor Day weekend, and we saw dolphins again this time! It's actually the third time I've seen dolphins at this beach, which is why it is my favorite beach. This beach trip was so different from our last one because Ezzy wasn't mobile last time, yet this time he was crawling all over the sand, chasing his ball around. And our last beach trip was only three weeks ago. Crazy how much can change in such a short amount of time... Ezzy was also a little braver about the ocean. Last time we went, Ezzy burst into tears at the sight of the ocean. This time, Joe helped him walk down to the water, and the first time he was willingly walking toward it, until he got about ten feet away, and then he just put on the breaks and didn't want to go any further. Then he started crying and slowly walking toward the water, like somebody was forcing him, yet he was doing it all on his own. It was the funniest/saddest thing to watch. We tried again a little later in the day, and he walked right up to the water without batting an eyelash. But when the water crashed around his feet he started kicking and flailing and crying. Still, I think that's progress. At least he waited to come in contact with the water before freaking out. 

All in all it was a perfect weekend. And then Monday happened. I've already dealt with a huge diaper blowout and had to clean poop off of both of us, plus run a load of laundry. See? The Mondays don't just happen to you office workers...stay at home moms deal with it too. 

How did your weekend go and how's your Monday starting off?

I don't care how big he looks here...
...he is still my baby.
Fistfuls of sand just begging to be thrown.
Collapsed in the sand with exhaustion. And yes, that's an Easter egg.
That face
makes my heart melt
So determined...
...and serious.
Contemplating the ocean 
Family selfie! Could Ezzy look any more unimpressed? I have a feeling there were girls off in the distance...
Kicking the ball around with my boy
Throwing sand at the camera...

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