Friday, April 4, 2014

Coffee Date Friday

Happy Friday! How was your week? I'm sure I sound redundant, but if we were sitting down for a coffee date, this would be another multi-cups kind of day. Ezzy's sleep "schedule" (I use the term loosely) has been blah this week, and his naps have been short or non-existent. Before I was a mom I never would have imagined that I could function on so little sleep. But somehow I do manage to stay awake all day (though my brain isn't working at max capacity). It must be something about that cute face that gives me energy. By the way, that picture above is my view while drinking my coffee. Ezzy's cruising around the house, chasing one of his balls, and every now and then he stops at my feet and looks up with a smile. Cutest. thing. ever

Earlier this week we had a dinner date at Grandma's where Ezzy discovered blocks for the first time. He's a natural. We build a tower, he promptly knocks it over. Sometimes he'll even throw a block at the tower and knock it down. That boy's got good aim. Then he spent awhile throwing a block, crawling after it, then picking it up and throwing it again. And, of course, he also tried to eat the blocks. Yummy. I'd say the blocks were a win.

Nom nom

In other news, I'm still working on that baby weight and getting very close to my pre-pregnancy weight. Eating at a chinese buffet twice this week probably didn't help much though. In the pic below I'm trying to do a little mat workout in front of the TV when Ezzy decides to help me out by adding a little weight. Thanks, bud! I've got my own personal trainer :)

So that's pretty much my week in a nutshell. This weekend we're planning on taking some family Easter pictures (see blurry preview below) and doing another beach day on Sunday. What do you have going on this weekend?

Oh, and here's the view of Ezzy on his way again. Now that he's mobile he never stays in one place for too long!


  1. I am worried for my dieting efforts... My appetite is coming back, along with my cravings, and the lack of desire for exercising. Otherwise we are checking in at 22lbs down for the year :-). Only 32 more to go for my goal. Maybe the enthusiasm will come back after I start getting some sleep again.

    This weekend we will have a busy one. Saturday Alex has a game at 5:45. Before that I will be making cupcakes for a party on Sunday, banana split and brownie are the flavors I'm making (I know that was important information you needed to know). Sunday Isabell has a party at 11am at Build-a-Bear. Then another party at one in the park. After that Alex has a make-up game at 2:45. Yeah so busy!

    I love that hat he has! The little I can see of that dress is cute too. Nice color ;-)


    1. Wow, your kiddos are social butterflies! And I really hope you're talking about 5:45 pm for that game...

      Almost halfway to your goal! That's amazing :) From what I hear, sleep is pretty important to weight loss. Whenever I don't get enough (aka - almost every day) I crave sugar to keep me awake. Speaking of which, banana split cupcakes...mmmmm...want!