Friday, April 11, 2014

Coffee Date Friday: Teething

If we were meeting for coffee today, I'd probably tell you that I almost had to cancel because we're going through some major teething issues over here. There have been a few times in the past few months when I thought Ezzy was teething (but was obviously wrong, since he's still toothless), but that was nothing compared to this. He's had a fever, been extra fussy, sleep has been awful, naps nonexistent, and he hasn't been finishing his food the last few days. That kid always eats, so that's a dead giveaway. I really wish I could do this for him and he wouldn't have to be in pain/uncomfortable. But of course it doesn't work that way. We're on day three of this awfulness, and according to Google, teething symptoms usually last up to four days before the tooth comes in. His fever seems lower and he's actually napping right now, so hopefully that means we're almost through (fingers crossed!)

On our last coffee date, I mentioned that now that Ezzy's crawling, he's always on the move. Well, now that he's learned to pull himself up to standing using the furniture or his walkers, he never wants to crawl anymore. He usually pulls himself up using the couch, then starts whining because he wants to play with something on the floor but isn't sure how to sit down again. This is all moving so fast, I definitely think he'll be walking by his first birthday. (You can see us practicing in the bottom pics. Ezzy cheats though, and grabs my hands before he'll let go of the ottoman.)

In other exciting news, my sister is on her way down here to visit this weekend. Last time she saw Ezzy was in December, and he's changed so much since then. I'm really looking forward to lots of family time in the next few days. 

Alright, sorry to cut this coffee date short, but nap time is precious and I've still got a few things I want to get done! 

How's everything going in your neck of the woods? Miss you all!


  1. Once they start moving, life becomes a scramble to keep them out of things they shouldn't be in. Not that I'm comparing Ezzy to a dog, but I am currently at this stage with Mustard. I though my book was safe on the printer, but we decide to get on the desk and walk across to the printer so that we could feast on a library book. Having a pup has definitaely reminded me of the not so fun times of having children. And your blog reminds me of the nice times. :-)

    Teething, yeah! My kids never had a problem, so I can't say I know what your going thru. My family teeths easily, and looses them late. Speaking of Alex lost another tooth. I think he is up to 8 now for the year. Crazy! Isabell is very unhappy about it, because she hasn't lost any yet. I predict that she will in the next 6 months and loose them all at once like brother did.

    So what's been new with me. Well the weight loss isn't going so well. I'm not gaining (except water from extra salt intake), but we have hit a bump in the loosing. Things were going so great, but my appetite is back and my adreniline high is gone. I'm tired now if I don't get enough sleep. Since I talk to the husband before bed every night, we ca safely say I'm up too late. What this means- my morning yoga hasn't happened in two weeks. This sucks. I liked starting off the day that way. But I've started a new routine, talking to the husband in the morning. So I'm still starting the day off with a positive feeling, just without the exercise. The rainy week kept me off the bike and indoors, so we are trying to get back into that with long rides. As far as the diet, I think it will help if I have a clear plan everyday. Try out your model (with the addition of meat in place of the beans. I like my chicken!) and see how it works for me.

    Cracked my tooth. Sucks about it, is that I cancelled the dental for a while because the kids are covered threw their health plans, and I thought I could get mine and James' cheaper. But never got around to shopping for it. So hopefully I can get a plan that will start before the first of May. It doesn't hurt, but I don't want to wait that long!

    Baseball is going great! The coach is impressed with Alex. He is playing third base, which is a great position. I have been hearing a lot of good things about his placement there. He made some good plays last game, one to home and one on his base. Unfortunetly, the runner was safe in both cases, but it was still a good clean play. He is fourth on the bating roster, which for this team means he is one of the strong hitters. This coach likes to keep the boys in one position, and the same batting order the whole season. Last year, it was switched up so everyone got to play what they wanted, and bat whenever. I'm not sure which I like better. I may be a little biased because each way benefited my son for that year. If Alex wasn't doing so well this year, I wouldn't like that he would probably be in the outfield and bottom of the roster the whole season. But he is, so I like it.

    I feel like I've only talked about Alex and not Isabell. That will change when baseball is over and dance starts. For her it's just the same routine. School and being dragged to baseball (not dragged, she likes going). Silly girl does pack an entire bedroom to take to his practice. She brings a pillow, blanket, toys, a snack. I told her if she wants to take it all, she carries it. lol Then she gets it all out, sits on it for five minutes, then goes to socialize with all the parents. Whatever. All the parents on the team know Isabell. She is a chatterbox.

    Well I guess that is it for now. I think it's so long because I was enjoying writing. lol Sorry about the spelling errors, didn't feel like fixing them.


  2. Lol, to be honest, you wouldn't be the first to compare Ezzy to a puppy. The crawling stage is very puppy like. Right now Ezzy is crawling in circles at my feet. Or maybe it's puppies that are like babies? Either way, I know what you mean ;)

    It turns out that I don't think Ezzy was teething after all. I think he was sick, because the symptoms have gone away, but there's still no teeth... So that was his first cold, poor baby. And today I have a slight sore throat, so it looks like I may be the last in the house to get whatever is going around. Yay...

    As a mom also trying to lose weight, I know how you feel when the routine that was working for you doesn't work anymore (for schedule/timing/energy/etc reasons). I think it's important to be flexible. Sometimes Ezzy doesn't nap at all, which means I can't do a real workout, so we'll just do a walk instead. Something's better than nothing, right?

    Alright, I was planning a longer response, but now there's a crying baby crawling in circles at my feet, so I guess he decided my computer time is up!