Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's the Little Things: Nature Hike

Today I'm linking up with Ashley and Jess's lovely Little Things linkup. 

Yesterday, when it became apparent that there was no morning nap in the cards for Ezzy, I decided to go on a walk before the temperature got too crazy. (It was in the 90s yesterday afternoon.) Instead of our normal walk to our neighborhood Starbucks, I decided to drive us over to a nice hilly path that I like to walk every now and then so I could get a little workout in and kill two birds with one stone. #sweatingforthewedding. I'm so glad I did because we wound up seeing a deer chilling just a few feet away from us, as well as a bunch of roosters, which reminded me of Kauai. It took me about twenty minutes to walk to the top of the hill, where there was a sign warning about bears and rattle snakes. I decided that was my cue to turn around. We got some great views while we were up there, and it was a nice change of pace from our usual scenery. I think Ezzy liked the slight bumpiness from being on a dirt path. He was nice and relaxed by the time we got back down to the bottom of the hill. Plus my booty is pretty sore today - pushing his stroller uphill is no joke!

Can you spot the deer?

It seems like not a day goes by that Joe and I don't ask each other where our baby went and when this big boy got here. Tomorrow is the first day of May, aka Ezzy's birth month! Ezzy has gotten so fast at crawling and he chases us around the house now. If you happen to stand still for too long you'll have a baby clinging to your leg (see below pics). Not only does he pull himself up to standing (often using our legs for balance), but he'll grab our hands and try to pull us in whatever direction he wants to go, which is usually whatever direction his ball is in. He gets the biggest kick out of pulling us along, he always lets out a little squeal of delight if we comply and actually follow along. He can even walk only holding on with one hand now. He still needs some work on getting back down on the floor once he's standing though. He often gets himself "stuck" and whines to be put back down on the floor so he can crawl after his toys.

You may remember from last week that I impulsively decided to organize our photos on dropbox. Well, that project is still going strong (and only about halfway completed), but when I go back to the photos from when Ezzy was three months old and see how we had to prop him in a sitting position using pillows, and how tiny he looked next to those pillows, it makes me all the more amazed that he's such an active little boy now, cruising around the ottoman as I type this.


  1. They grow so fast, don't they? I swear, I'm reminded of this every month now. It just goes so quickly! So much fun to see a deer while walking in your neighborhood!!! Stopping by from the link up! -xo

  2. What a fun new place to walk! I'm always looking for new paths and scenery as well. That sign about bears and rattlesnakes was scary!

  3. Wow, it was like a wilderness safari walk! I'd turn around after the bear and snake warning too ha. Love the pic of him hanging on to your legs! Aria didn't do that when she started walking, but she runs and gives the BEST leg hugs. Love it!

    I nominated you for a liebster the other day - fyi

  4. Oh, he is so cute. I love pictures of babies in diapers. :)