Friday, April 25, 2014

Coffee Date Friday

Happy Friday!! I thought it'd be nice for a quick coffee date Friday since I skipped last week. Joe wound up having a surprise half day for good Friday, so we decided to go check out a wedding venue. It was nice, but we're still looking. We're also in the process of house-hunting, and that takes precedence over wedding planning.

For some reason today I got an urge to organize all 17,000 photos we've taken since Ezzy was born. (That probably sounds like an exaggeration, but I don't think I'm that far off.) That involves uploading all the photos on my phone (about 3,000) to dropbox, and then organizing all the photos on dropbox into separate folders. Exciting stuff. I'm pretty sure I could be doing better stuff with my time, like cleaning sticky finger prints off of the table everything, or working out, but for some reason I feel like the photo thing has to be done...I'm already in too deep.

So far today Ezzy has taken a 15 minute nap. I'm really hoping that's not his only nap of the day. I was hoping to do a little yoga. My neck has been bothering me for the last few weeks, which I'm pretty sure has to do with lugging around a 20+ pound wriggly baby.

This weekend our plan is to do some more house hunting, scout out another wedding venue, and stop by a friend's son's birthday party. So other than that exciting stuff, things have been pretty boring around here. Right now Ezzy is sitting in his high chair screaming and "blah, blahing" at his empty food pouch. That has been going on for about ten minutes. Nope. Scratch that. Food pouch is on the ground and I now have a yawning, whiny baby on my hands. Time for round two of nap time! (Fingers crossed!)

How's your week been and what fun stuff do you have planned for the weekend?

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