Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Little Things: Bday Planning, Ice Cream, and Other Randoms

Happy Wednesday! I'm linking up with Jess and Ashley for this week's Little Things post.

One thing that I'm excited about this week is how Ezzy's first birthday plans are falling into place. We've got a location picked out, I got him that cute crown in the pic below, and we picked up some decorations yesterday. All that's really left are invitations, cake, balloons, and a few small projects. I still can't believe my baby will be one in just over a month though. I keep marveling at what a different boy he is now than when we first brought him home from the hospital. It's crazy how my love for him grows every day.  

Heat waves and ice cream go hand in hand, so I was one happy girl when we made a mid-week trip to my favorite ice cream place: 21 choices. Ice cream + frosted animal crackers + sugar cookie dough + tons of sprinkles? YES please! A little goes a long way with that combo, even my sweet tooth couldn't handle the whole thing (though I'm pretty sure I finished off a few of those back in my pregnant days...).

Joe's been battling a head cold this week, and took the day off of work yesterday. Obviously that sucks, and shouldn't make it onto my list of favorite little things, except that I got so much stuff done. I finally put up the baby gate which we bought a few weeks ago, the floors are clean, I fit in a 3 mile jog, did three loads of laundry, changed the bedding...basically I crammed a week's worth of chores in one day. 

This may sound weird to y'all, but Joe and I are super happy about our brand new toilet. Our old one was constantly running, even with the water nozzle turned off, somehow water would still run through. And it was LOUD. Every time it went off while Ezzy was napping I would hold my breath and pray it didn't wake him up, that's how loud it was. (Thankfully, once he finally goes to sleep, he's a pretty deep sleeper.) Also, it didn't work well at all, and it had a wooden seat which was yeah, you can see why we're pretty excited about having a new one. 

Also, on the topic of napping, Ezzy seems to have decided to start taking them again. Hallelujah! As I've said before, naptime is sacred. Every time that Ezzy does not nap, I wind up spending hours of my day just trying to get him to sleep. So pair that wasted time with a fussy cranky baby, and nothing gets done and nobody's happy. In fact, he's napping right now, which means it's time to start crossing stuff off my to-do list! 

Oh, and one more thing that we're excited about over here this week is Grandma's birthday, which is today! We're going out to dinner to celebrate tonight.

Hope you're all having a good humpday!


  1. So excited to see pics from Ezzy's first birthday!!! How is he almost 1??