Saturday, September 7, 2013

Belated Labor Day Post: Ezzy Meets His Auntie Daniela!

This past weekend my sister Daniela traveled all the way from Massachusetts to meet Ezzy. When I asked her if there was anything specific she wanted to do while she was here, she only listed two things: go to the beach, and eat Mexican food. Check. And check. We also broke out the wii, which hadn't been used in years, and got in a good amount of dancing, Mario Kart, and Mario Party. Plus, lots of aunt/nephew bonding time.  Ezzy came up with this weird game, where he becomes fascinated with a pattern, usually on a pillow or somebody's shirt, and then dives headfirst into said pattern while screaming. We got a great video of his doing this to Daniela's shirt here:


Ooooo, pretty pillow!
Must. Have. Pillow.
Our beach outing didn't quite fall into place like we had anticipated. I came up with the idea to go to Malibu, because I had never been to the beach there. Turns out there is practically no parking, and the beaches are protected by steep cliffs, so we either had to hike along PCH for a good distance, carrying all of our stuff and Ezzy, or we had to hike down a steep, cactus-y cliff to get to the beach. Neither one of those options worked for us, so we scrapped the plan and tried again (with success) the next day. At least we got some great views of Malibu, and inadvertently did some hiking. We also came across a fancy playground with a cool zip-lining thing and Joe got a chance to introduce Ezzy to Pepperdine.

Ezzy's first trip to Pepperdine
Looking for a trail...
At least we found a great view

On labor day we started off bright and early and made our way over to Will Rodgers Beach. This is quickly becoming my favorite beach because it's the second time I've seen dolphins there. There were at least three that just kept swimming up and down the coast and we actually managed to get a couple of good pics. This was also the first time Ezzy put his feet in the ocean. He was not a fan. About half a second after we got a picture of the water crashing around his feet he started screaming bloody murder. We also got some video of him walking (with assistance) on the sand. His trainer/daddy pushed him through the last few steps with him screaming like a little marathoner crossing the finish line. &

Love those sandy toes!!
Mmm, blanket!!
Ezzy was having none of that


I think that face says: No more pictures, Mom!
Dolphin!! ...Or shark??

One of my most favorite pictures ever
No vacation is complete without lots of yummy food
Putting on the charm for Great-Aunt Linda
She's a natural ;)

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