Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gangy Comes to Visit

My mom drove down for a visit on Saturday night and stayed through Wednesday morning. Almost the first thing she told us when we met her for dinner on Saturday night was that she hopes Ezzy doesn't call her Gangy, which is what they call the evil grandmother on Arrested Development (so I've been told, I don't actually watch the show). So, of course, we all call her Gangy now.  

Sunday we went to the Greek Festival at the Santa Anita Race Track. Mmmm, spanokopita and baklava. Ezzy is already a little flirt. He was making eyes at and babbling with a girl a little older than him while we were waiting in line for the changing table. 

On Monday, my mom's friend Leah got us all tickets to the A's vs. Angels game. We walked around Downtown Disney to kill time before heading over to Angel's Stadium. Ezzy loved the giant fish tank at Rain Forest Cafe. He also started babbling to a stuffed Elephant named Thunder, so Gangy had to buy it for him. I borrowed Ezzy's technique and started babbling to a pink frosted rice krispie treat, so Gangy bought that as well. The game started at 7:00, which means Ezzy was already tired and cranky when we got there and not at all amused by the loud cheering. Thankfully he inherited my skill for sleeping through anything and he managed to nap through a couple of innings and woke up in a much better mood.

Tuesday we drove over to Hollywood for a little sightseeing. We were starving so our first stop was Hard Rock Cafe, and while we were eating we noticed a huge crowd gathered out front and got the scoop that Justin Timberlake was going to be performing that afternoon. Even though none of us are huge JT fans, we figured we'd wait around since it was a free show. We had no idea he wasn't going on for another three hours, but after waiting for 90 minutes, we decided we'd come too far to just leave. Let me tell you, 14 pounds of baby feels really heavy after three hours. At one point he fell asleep so he was completely dead weight. Thankfully my mom and I were able to switch off holding him, but I have no idea how Joe carries him around all day on the weekends. That's an arm, back, and shoulder workout right there. So anyway, a little after 7 JT finally takes the stage, and we come to realize that Ezzy is not a Justin Timberlake fan at all. He decides it's the perfect time for a giant poop and then starts wailing. Poor baby. So Ezzy and I spent the concert in the bathroom. The sound wasn't that great where we were standing anyway, so I don't think we missed much. Another highlight of the day was that I finally got to try a cronut, which basically tasted exactly like a croissant but in a donut shape. 

And in case you were wondering why there aren't more pictures of my mom, Ezzy, and me, you can see for yourself just how many shots it takes to get one where all of us are looking in the general direction of the camera with our eyes open.

Probably one of my favorite Ezzy faces ever.

Overall we had a great visit and we already miss Gangy. Ezzy had so many new skills to show off, like grabbing things, trying to chew anything he could get his hands on, and babbling up a storm. We're sad Grandpa couldn't make it down this time. Next time we visit Ezzy will probably have a tooth or two to show off as well!

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