Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekend Recap: Soaking up the Outdoors


Ezzy had a couple of fun firsts over the weekend. Like walking in the grass. And then trying to dive headfirst into the grass. He seemed pretty mesmerized by it and I had to pry a fistful of grass out of his hands before we left the park. I also took him to play on the swings for the first time. As you can see, he's barely big enough to see over the swing, which makes it even more adorable. He cried for about half a second when I put him in the swing, and then he settled in all content to watch the other kids running around, screaming and playing. He also liked chewing on the swing. Luckily I was using a shopping cart seat cover or that would have been really gross. He stayed in there for almost 30 minutes and then fell asleep. On Sunday we happened to catch a little bit of a polo match at Will Rogers State Park, which was a first for all of us. It seemed very rich and British and novel for the first few minutes. Then we continued on with our original plan, which was to go for a hike. In my opinion, Polo is a pretty boring sport. For every minute they spend playing, they seem to spend 10 minutes doing nothing. I did like the way the horses tails were short and braided though.

Will Rogers has become our favorite summer hiking spot, mainly because there's usually a cool ocean breeze that makes it at least ten degrees cooler than most other trails. Unfortunately the breeze wasn't really blowing that day. However, we did get to see an interesting exchange between a dad picnicking with his two kids and two dog owners after one of the dogs knocked his kids sandwich to the ground and then both dogs devoured it. The dad was pissed. After the dad left with his kids in a huff, the dog owners argued amongst themselves about how their dogs are their kids and they have rights too. Something like that. Not sure whose side I would take, cause the whole thing was  pretty harmless and the sandwich-less kid didn't seem to mind. Before I probably wouldn't have even noticed their little argument. Now that I have Ezzy though, I'd probably be annoyed if somebody let their dog jump all over him and eat his food. Either way, it provided a little dose of entertainment for us.

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