Monday, September 30, 2013

Snapshots of Life Lately

This is what a shopping spree looks like once you have a kid.
No Life Lately post would be complete without some food pics.
Lately life has been all about family time, lots of good meals (at home and out), spoiling the Ez (the grandparents, Joe, and I just can't help ourselves!), and dealing with a teething baby. Ezzy has been going through daily fussy periods where all he wants to do is chomp on something or nurse. Poor baby.   We actually had to cancel plans to go to a wedding on Saturday night because he was so distraught. If anyone has any good teething remedies, I'd love to hear it. We were looking at the baby orajel medicines, but most of them are not recommended for children under two, and the only one that was had some kind of coffee extract for "wakefulness" - which is the last thing Ezzy needs.

So, a few blog things to note:

  1. I got a new collage app, and I'm going kinda crazy with it, if you couldn't tell. I think the quality is better than my old one, but the functionality isn't as great. If anyone has a good collage/photo editing app they love, please share!
  2. I realized the blog's comment settings were kinda funky/uber-strict, so I changed that and now anybody can leave comments. 

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