Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mom Life: Way too Excited Bout a Full Night's Sleep!

Ezzy slept a full ten hours last night! I was really excited when he started sleeping seven hours right when he turned four months old. But him sleeping seven hours is the equivalent of me sleeping 4-5 hours, since he usually goes to sleep around 9:00 and I go to bed between 11-12. So last night was the closest I've gotten to eight straight hours of sleep in the last four and a half months. And what's even better is that for the first time ever, instead of waking up to him crying, I actually heard his cute little baby laughs coming from his room. When I walked in he had turned himself around and was having a nice little chat and giggle with the wall.

The only downside of getting this much sleep is that I woke up in a soggy, breast-milk soaked shirt. A welcome trade-off, if you ask me. And then to make life even better, I got some morning snuggles in with this guy:
Happy October!

Joe's mom sent this to me. Sad but true!

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