Thursday, October 24, 2013

October Obsession Part 1: Ezzy's 1st Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Turtle face.

An Ezzy-sized pumpkin

Who the hell is that?!? 

We chose to drive down to Irvine to visit Tanaka Farms for Ezzy's first pumpkin patch experience because it's an actual farm, and I thought it would be cool to see the pumpkins growing on the vines. Also, they sell fresh produce. And they have a free corn maze. Sold.

They did not disappoint. It was worth the drive for the photo opportunities alone (in case you couldn't tell). There are three or four pumpkin fields, all organized according to size. And the produce stand was amazing. They had the sweetest strawberries and grapes. We actually came away with a ton of produce and no pumpkins. Also, we skipped the corn maze. It was packed and hot, so we'll save that for next year when Ezzy is walking.

Ezzy was pretty fascinated by the pumpkins. His eyes would get all big and he'd immediately put his hands out to touch and grab at them. Of course, that's pretty much how he reacts to everything nowadays. He's reaching out for my arm and trying to put it in his mouth as I type this. Now he's going for the keyboard. So that's pretty much the end of this post.

Our October obsession isn't over yet though. I have a few more pics to share in an upcoming post, including Ezzy in his Halloween costume!

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