Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ezzy's 5 Month Update

Ezzy at: 1 day; 1 month; 2 months; 4 months; 5 months
Such a sweetie pie!
Happy 5 month birthday Ezzy! You are turning into such an independent boy. You like to entertain yourself with your toys or watching cartoons while Mommy does chores around the house. You also like cuddling more than ever. Your hand-eye coordination continues to improve, and you'll grab anything we put in front of you, but you especially love water bottles. Your little eyes light up and get an intense look of focus as you grab the bottle and start licking it. You have such a vibrant personality and so many facial expressions and each one of them melts mine and Daddy's hearts. Even though you've only been with us for five months, it feels much longer (in a good way). We can't imagine our lives without you. You bring such joy to everyone who knows you, and even strangers on the street can't help but light up when they see your cute dimples. We love you more than words can say.

Some 5 month stats: Ezzy now weighs just under 14 lbs, so he's gained almost half a pound since his 4 month update. He's 23.25 inches long, which is up from 22 inches at his two month appointment. He's still pretty much wearing the same clothing sizes as last month, and he's also started wearing some 6 month onesies, but they're a little baggy on him. He's sleeping about 7 hours in his crib (on a good night). 

Our 5 month daily routine: Ezzy usually wakes up between 4-6 am and I move him into bed with us to nurse for at least half an hour. He stays in bed and either Joe gets up for work, or I move to the couch and we both go back to sleep until 7-8:30. Once we're up it's time for cartoons and cuddles. Around 11 am I either feed Ezzy some cereal, or move him to bed where I nurse him till he goes down for his afternoon nap. On good days, his naps last two hours or more. We generally run errands and/or do chores in the afternoons. If I'm really feeling motivated I'll do a 30 minute workout while Ezzy watches from his playmat or exersaucer. I start dinner around 5 while Ezzy plays in his exersaucer or his swing.  Around 6 he's hungry again, and I either nurse him, or feed him some pureed food if I didn't feed him cereal that morning. Once Joe gets home we do our nightly walk and then eat our dinner. Around 8 pm it's time for Ezzy's bath, jammies, and story time. I nurse him one last time, and then he cuddles with Daddy until he falls asleep, usually between 9-10 pm.

Some notable changes from last month:
  • Ezzy is eating solids! So far he loves rice cereal and mashed sweet potatoes. He devours them, spoon and all. One thing he hates is formula. I sneakily tried to mix it into his rice cereal one morning when I was too lazy to pump and he was having none of it. He spit it out and made a yucky face. So we won't be doing than anymore.
  • Ezzy and Daddy had their first boys-only night. Other than one melt down when Ezzy didn't get his bottle right this instant, they had a great time. (And so did Mommy.)
  • He's taken a few bottles (of breast milk). Based on stuff I'd read, I thought it was a really big deal to get an exclusively breast fed baby to take a bottle, like he'd be an elitist about it and we'd have to try several different bottles to find the specific one that he liked. Nope. He guzzled that thing down like he's been pounding bottles his whole life. And there was no "nipple confusion" either. Our boy is an eating champ.
  • He's grown more alert, chatty, and giggly than ever. His personality is developing daily and it's so much fun to watch.
Ezzy likes (in addition to his 3 month favorites):
  • FOOD!
  • Water bottles.
  • His jumper/swing. As long as I come by periodically to give him a little push, he's happy in that thing for half an hour.
  • Rough housing with Daddy. Airplane and "Crane Shovel" (a patented Joe move) are his current faves.
  • Hide and seek under the blanket. You can check out the most adorable video ever here.
  • The waitress from Pita Jungle. Not sure what it was about her, but he would not let her out of his sight, and he'd whip his head around to follow her if she walked away. At one point she stayed in his view for awhile and he threw his hand in the air, and his head back, like he was praising God or something. Weirdest/cutest thing ever.
  • Taylor his cousin/newest crush. That boy is a flirt!
Ezzy dislikes:
  • Formula.
  • When Daddy sneezes, burps, or farts. (I don't blame you.)
  • Missing his nap time.
  • Being hungry. (He's my child, so this will probably always make the dislike list.)
What toy? Give me the water bottle any day of the week!

Ezzy and his pet coyote.
Zoning out in his swing.
Cartoons! We heart Dinosaur Train.
"Oh, hey Mom!"
Cracking up at Daddy's jokes.
Mmm, first taste of rice cereal.
A baby in a bucket of toys. It doesn't get any cuter than this.
Grass under bare feet. One of life's little pleasures.

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